• The choir in which I sing uses Palestrina's Sicut Cervus and its 2nd part, Sitivit anima mea, but rarely both parts at the Easter Vigil, and never to replace the chant assigned for the procession to the Baptismal font. I grew up singing Howells' Like as the Hart [digression cut short], but I wondered what other settings of this text there might be in Latin .... and found some for 6 voices, but not for 3.... so, I wrote this. Comments welcome.
  • Slightly edited. I like this ending better.
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  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    This is exquisite!
    You should send it to Edmund Murray, our choirmaster at Walsingham (tell him I sent you).
    Nothing, of course, could match Palestrina's setting, but yours is a worthy alternative.
    I really like it, and am very impressed.
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  • Jackson,

    That's very kind. Thank you. I don't have Dr. Murray's address, but if you can provide it, I'll take you up on the suggestion.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Chris -

    Edmund Murray, Choirmaster and Organist
    The Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham
    7809 Shadyvilla Lane
    Houston, Texas: 77055

    Cathedral Tel.: 713-683-9407
    Fax: 713-683-1518

    P.S. -
    It is nice that you referred to him as 'Dr. Murray', but alas, he could
    and should be a doctor, but isn't.
    He is a very skilled improvisor (studied with Gerre Hancock) and just this morning, as a closing voluntary, improvised a fugue on Spires.
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  • Cantus67Cantus67
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    I found this 2 part YEARS ago. It's interesting but I've never did much research to figure out where it came from. Perhaps our plethora of musicologists (armchair or otherwise) might figure out where it hails from.

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