"Laus in Ecclesia" chant instruction course
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    Is anyone familiar with this material? It is apparently put out by a certain Schola Saint Gregoire but I can find no resources here in the states to acquire this, and am having some difficulty wading through a French website(s). If anyone is familiar with this, would it be good for self-study, and how do I obtain it? Are there any other comparable self-study courses that would be recommended? I guess I'm looking for a complete, basic, self-starter kit, so to speak. Solesmes method.
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    An Introduction to Gregorian Chant by Richard L. Crocker, was helpful for me.
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    @d_j, the book (the new 2nd volume) is sold at this web site from the monastery in Flavigny:


    Actually, I'm not sure from the context whether the new book is a replacement for the 1st book or an addition to it: a second volume, so to speak.

    As an illustration of the content of the 1st edition, a description is on-line:

    There's a cheat-sheet on the modes:

    And a sample chapter from volume 1:

    The idea behind the book is that you'd enroll in the course, send the homework to the Schola for review and evaluation, and visit France for a week in July for in-person guidance and evaluation.
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  • The monks at Clear Creek Abbey are working on an English version of this training under the same name. If all goes as planned, Bro. Mark Bachmann will be offering the kickoff to training at next summer's courses in Pittsburgh, PA. Stay tuned for more information to be forthcoming...
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    From their description (translation by Google)
    This first volume is an introduction suitable for all those new to the Gregorian chant and want to practice. This teaching focuses on four main themes: the text, melody, rhythm and style.
    Two other volumes seem to be for the singers and the choir masters wishing to improve in the liturgical practice of Gregorian chant.
    I think Google has mistranslated the last sentence, which should begin: "Two other volumes will appear" Unless your French is excellent, I would wait for the proposed translation.
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    Yes, I think I will get in touch with Fr Bachmann at Clear Creek. Those above referenced cheat sheets sure are nice, though there are a few French words I don't get... but most of it is obvious. Thanks all.
  • They have been working very hard to develop a Laus in Ecclesia publication in English - no small undertaking...
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    So is there any other comparable course in English available that anyone knows of? The course in question sounds pretty in depth, which is what I am looking for.
  • I think the only other course that might cover similar material (and I'm just guessing) would be our Chant Intensive courses. However, we cover a lot of material in a much shorter time, so the amount of depth we can go into will be less, of course. From what I understand from Fr. Bachmann, the Solesmes course has five levels of instruction -- if I recall correctly, the first two levels are intended for basic chant singing, followed by a course for cantors and with the final two levels devoted to direction of chant.
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    Have you looked over the various books on the Musica Sacra website?

    The ones I remember in particular would be:

    Text Book of Gregorian Chant, According to the Solesmes Method (Dom. Gregory Sunol, 1930)

    The Technique of Gregorian Chironomy (Joseph Carroll, 1955)

    And of course, if you want it straight from the horse's mouth:

    Le Nombre Musical Gregorien (Dom. Andre Mocquereau)

    I have also found some of the videos at CCWatershed helpful, particularly this one, and this series.

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  • The Laus in Ecclesia books are the updated version of Schola St Gregoire Gregorian chant course, as mentioned previously, you get the book, do the study and exercises, then do a study week in France with exams for a certificate from the pontifical academy of music.
    This is a five year program. the books for the first two years are already translated into English (the older version) and I have them, I went to the study week this summer. Although my french is weak, it was an amazing week with a very very high standard of chant. There were people studying at all five levels, which go from beginner through to choir director level there is also a choriste level for young religious,so there was the joy of meeting young monks and nuns from barroux, fontgombault, solesmes, and several other new and old orders, as well as lots of lay people. the setting for the week in Chappelle Montligeon is superb.
    I strongly recommend both the study course and the study week.
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    @bonniebede... from where can I obtain the first two translated books? I desire them only for home study. I have not yet heard back from my oblate director at Clear Creek.
  • The new publication of the first book is in the works right now... it should be very nice if you care to wait a bit longer. You could also participate in their planned course...
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  • Work is progressing nicely on the Laus in Ecclesia - Level One book. I hope many will come out to learn under Br. Bachmann's teaching at Duquesne University this summer. Check out the information about our summer courses here:


    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions... Early registration ends March 31st!
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    Hi Janet, is the English version of Laus in Ecclesia available yet? I hope to go back to france this year to study the course, and it would be a great help as my french is weak.
  • Not yet, but it will be "hot off the presses" when it is used for this summer's course.
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    @ JanetGorbitz... hi, is the Laus in Ecclesia level one book available for purchase somewhere? I intend for it to be a self study course. Thank you!
  • Sorry... so late in replying. I believe certain parts are still in the works -- especially the online portion and videos. Keep checking the Clear Creek website for updates.
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    Laus in Ecclesia book one has been published by now. It covers the first year (notation reading, latin prononciation and accent, rhythm and some culture about chant and the mass with additional biographies of people who restored/taught chant). The French edition of book 2 covers years 2 and 3. In the most part, the second year introduces modality and melodic transposition, and teaches the psalmody. The third year covers the rhythm in syllabic phrases and recitatives, more advanced modal analysis and complements. Book 3 (not even published in French) should be fore choirmasters and cover years 4 (conducting) and 5 (advanced knowledge).
    It is a god thing however to get some guidance on how to perform the exercises.
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    I asked about Book 2 and was told it should be out by the end of June.
  • I know that work on Book 2 has been a major focus, but don't know it if will be ready in time for the summer courses. However, Laus in Ecclesia II will be taught this summer at the summer courses in Gainesville by Fr. Mark Bachmann even if the book is not yet ready. Still time to register with early rates...
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    Janet, I e-mailed Clear Creak Abbey and Br. Nesbit responded they are trying to get it ready this Summer, hopefully by the end of June
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