Stabat Mater in Spanish
  • Our Stations of the Cross services during Lent are bilingual. We alternate languages (English and Spanish) among the Stations. But we have only been singing the Stabat Mater verse in English at the end of each Station. I would like to add the Spanish verses. We use OCP resources Breaking Bread and Flor y Canto. However, the latter does not include a Spanish translation for verses 12 through 15 that appear in Breaking Bread. Can anyone point me to an accurate translation for these verses? I would appreciate text and music but the text alone would be fine as I think I could fit it to the melody. Thank you!
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    There appears to be a Spanish tradition of using the traditional first verse (translated into Spanish) as a chorus, and then using a different melody for the remaining verses, which are alternated with the chorus. The St. Michael Hymnal 4th edition gives a chorus plus 14 verses in this format: #629 Madre Llena de Aflicción

    Also, OCP provodes the same text (a chorus plus 14 verses) here.
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  • Thank you! I can always count on this group to find what I need.