Verses for weekday propers
  • Good Afternoon! Where canI find the verses that pair with the weekday propers? Particularly through Lent?
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    There are two commonly used books, both available for download here, for verses which extend the Propers. One of those books is called the Offertoriale, sive Versus Offertoriorum -- my edition is copyright 1935, I think -- and the other is called the Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum.

    The verses provided are tied to specific propers, and sometimes to specific dates/feasts. If you're celebrating the feast of the Chair of St. Peter at Antioch, for example the Communion Antiphon is Tu es Petrus, and the additional verses are found on p. 184 of Psalmorum. The extra verses for the Introit are found on page 141. In each case, these are verses assigned to a common, and adopted into the feast, so when you look under the feast day (in the calendar of the saints) you'll find yourself pointed to these pages.

    It is evident that Ps. 33 is always and everywhere (or nearly) appropriate to sing as additional verses at Communion.

    The verses for the Introit and Communion for the First Sunday of Lent are found on p. 53, under the heading 1st Sunday of Lent.

    The additional verses for the Offertory antiphon for the First Sunday of Lent begin on p. 32 of the Offertoriale, whose text is Scapulis suis

    If you're in the Ordinary Form, I'm afraid you'll have to get information from one of the experts around here.
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    If you mean the OF Missal 'antiphons'. Others may know better, but -
    I suspect that there is no official pairing. The Missal gives the source of the antiphons for Introit and Communion, where these are psalms one normally uses other verses of the same psalm. Unfortunately (for this purpose) many Communion antiphons are Gospel verses.
    It is easier to use the Gradual, which often gives Propers for weekdays in Lent. Where none is shown you use the preceding Sunday. And, if you are not in the USA the Gradual is the first preference source to use, and the Missal 'antiphons' are, according to GIRM, not to be sung unless the Bishop's Conference has expressly authorised a setting.
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    I will attempt a complete and concise answer. My assumptions are:
    • Ordinary Form
    • "Propers" refer to the Latin chants found in the Graduale Romanum 1974.
    • You know how to find out which propers are assigned to each day.

    • One verse is usually included in the Graduale.
    • For further verses it seems your only hope is Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum. Frustratingly, it is for the EF, and has no headings marking which introit the verses are paired with, nor has it an index of introits.

    Graduals, Alleluias & Tracts
    • Extra verses are not customarily used


    • Psalm verses are specified beneath each Communio in the Graduale: see example highlighted below (from Monday in Lent Week 1). Psalms use Vulgate numbering. You could use Ben Bloomfield's Psalm Tone Tool to set required verses.

    • Alternatively you could use Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum, which actually does have an index for Communions, but it doesn't always match the Graduale.

    Hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask follow-up questions :)
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