Come To the Stable
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    Would anyone know the particular piece of chant that is used in the 1949 film Come To The Stable, starring Loretta Young ?
  • The Chant in “Come to the Stable” is original to the film, presumably so that the song based on it would make musical sense as a popular song. The other verses are harmonized in “faux bourdon” fashion. A charming film. The founding of the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT. was the inspiration, the inspiration for Miss Potts, was the artist Lauren Ford
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  • Thank you very much, Mr Morse. I half suspected that. Yes, it is a charming film. In my opinion, it is one of the very best Catholic films. Loretta Young, herself a devout catholic, had tight control over it.
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    For those unfamiliar with the reverse-engineered plainchantish music in question:

    If one pays attention, it's not a standard authentic plainchant tone, but "inspired by"them, with the kind of Palestrina/Viadana-like-inspired harmonizations, et cet. The kind of thing non-dialogue movie organists (who often were often exposed to sacred music in their training for some strange reason) were likely improvising for scenes of certain movies in the 1920s.