Canton GA area Masses
  • toddevoss
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    I will be in the area in late October for a wedding. Looking for Parish between Canton and Atlanta Airport. Any suggestions beyond the FSSP Parish in Mableton (on my list) ? Any reverent OF with sacred or at least "good" music?
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    Check out Our Lady of the Mountains, just a few miles up I-575 in Jasper.
    Or a third option: if you don't mind driving into Atlanta, check out the Melkite church, St. John Chrysostom.
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  • toddevoss
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    Our Lady of the Mountains - checked out their website and WOW. What a story. For those who don't know it is a small rural parish that has learned to sing the mass (in English) and now progressing into the Latin. But they can tell the story better than I can:

    Talk about an inspiring story for all music directors.
  • BruceL
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    Good thing all the people there, ESPECIALLY FATHER, BRIDGET, AND JOSEPH, are such MEAN PEOPLE!!!!!

    *Disclaimer: I can't figure out purple...
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    As a general rule, the Atlanta area is a wasteland for good liturgy. I can really only recommend Our Lady of the Mountains and St. Francis in Mableton. I lived in Atlanta for 17 years and the effects of Archbishop Gregory are stunningly present. Gregory was a horrible thing for that diocese and it will take years for it to recover.

    Say hello to Bridget at Our Lady of the Mountains.She is a good friend. Fr.Byrd is a treasure as far as I am concerned.
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  • For future reference, St. James is a tiny little parish in Madison, GA, which has sung Mass (OF) with propers and organ every Sunday!
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    Been to St Francis/Mableton a number of times. Very solid, indeed! The church building, unfortunately, was purchased from some Prot bunch so it's low-ceiling and the choir must sing from a semi-closet on the ground floor, accompanied by a 'toaster' electronic.

    But as to theology: A+++ Also very family-friendly.
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    Thanks all. I attended Our Lady of the Mountains and enjoyed it very much.
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