OLGS Sings Solemn Vespers at Lincoln Cathedral
  • JZ,

    NOT FAIR. I took you to mean Lincoln, England, not Lincoln, Nebraska.

    (My family hails from that part of England, and I know that various cathedrals have been misused recently, so I wondered for a millisecond if maybe, just maybe, this was a sort of act of reparation.)
  • Haha sorry to get your hopes up!

    I honestly see the Solemn Vespers there as an act of reparation for the architecture of the cathedral. We love our cathedral by virtue of it being a cathedral, but I have not met a single member of the diocese that likes its architecture. Straight out of the 60s!

    Thankfully, there are plans to start Saturday High Masses there soon. Deo gratias!
  • Liam
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    A wee bit different than this humble space: https://tinyurl.com/r9yjn6y

    PS: It's a panosphere from the crossing of the east transept (there are two transepts, altogether English in that regard, with another at the crossing between the nave and St Hugh's Choir), so you can use your cursor to move from that view of the Angel Choir (really the presbytery) back to St Hugh's Choir with its fabled "crazy" vaults (look up and compare the vault of St Hugh's with the Angel Choir's! A demonstration of intrepid experimental engineering at the very beginning of post-Transitional Early English Gothic - ancient Roman engineers might too have marveled) and actually move through many parts of the cathedral.