Hymn in Honor of St. Martin de Porres Needed
  • I am searching for a hymn in honor of St. Martin de Porres, either in Latin or English. I did find the following short recording of a Mass excerpt, but it is definitely a different genre than what I'm looking for! (I WOULD enjoy it on the dance-floor, however.)

    "Black Christ of the Andes" (Mary Lou Williams) is not going to work either:

    There was on online mention of the hymn, Martine, Gemma Candida from the Dominican Breviary, but I have been unsuccessful locating it.
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    If I were you I would contact the Dominican House of Studies in DC. They have hymns and hymnals and would undoubtedly be able to find something for you.
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    All these can be found in the Hymnarium O.P.

    1. Concordi recolit (for Lauds).

    2. The following is for Matins:
    Te recens mundo reseráta tellus
    germen effúdit Dómino venústum,
    quod virens fructus redolénsque cælis
    ferret amœnos.

    Tu Rosæ civis, párili coróna
    móribus parta níveis corúscas,
    ǽmulus factus sociúsque honóre

    In Redemptórem pietáte fervens,
    ímpetu Matrem vénerans amóris,
    Spíritus Sancti domus esse munda

    Terra te plausu mérito celébrat
    Prædicatórum decus atque lumen,
    norma tu lucens, pius et patrónus
    ómnibus esto.

    Laus sit excélsæ Tríadi perénnis,
    quæ tibi præbens súperos honóres,
    det tuis nobis précibus beáta
    gáudia cæli. Amen.

    3. And the following (Martine, gemma candida) at Vespers:
    O Martin, in the halls of light
    You shine, a jewel, sparkling bright;
    Come now to help us from above
    And bring us tokens of your love.

    A pattern of God's love divine,
    You have been made midst men to shine;
    May every nation in you see
    The image of Christ's charity.

    By God's life-giving Spirit led
    You cured the sick, the needy fed;
    Your kind heart warmed the orphans small;
    They called you Father of them all.

    With flame of charity inspired
    Obtain that we be strongly fired;
    By which more freely God above
    And neighbour, too, we hold in love.

    May charity, which knows no bound,
    In everyone be always found;
    And Christ's same peace on all men shine,
    Redeemed by his same blood divine.

    All praise to Father and to Son,
    And Holy Spirit, Three in One;
    May they, at your request, bestow
    On us their favours here below.

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    Melodies can be found here,

    Also Holger Peter Sandhofe produced this,
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    The Summit Choirbook, from the Dominican nuns in New Jersey, has this setting of the English-language hymn above:
    3300 x 2550 - 860K
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  • I really appreciate all of your helpful responses. The materials here are exactly what I was searching for!
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  • Here is a chant translation of "Concordi Recolit," found in Holger Peter Sandhofe's materials for the feast day, which tomjaw graciously posted above. This translation is taken from the Dominican Breviary:

    1)With joy harmonious, the faithful voice loves to cite how the Lord, wondrously, from a great sea of light, fills you, the humble one, now in the realms above, Martin, of men the most friendly.

    2)You despised vanities, praises, and pleasures vast, such as this world can give, honors that do not last; and sought the lowly things which God Himself, Most High, loves with a Love that is perfect.

    3)Truly to reproduce Christ's sacred likeness then, with mind on godly things, you moved midst lowly men; and led by wisdom high, strove hard to make yourself everyone's servant most faithful.

    4)O Martin, from on high, gently admonish men, that from their evil ways they should now turn again; such fruits of arrogance and of ambition's greed cause them a harm that is deadly.

    5)To the great Trinity, glory eternal be. And sinless, modest, poor, Martin for us make plea; that the eternal realms may be unlocked to us, treading the pathways that you trod. Amen.
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