Mariachi for Outdoor Procession?
  • Can anyone advise as to whether there is *traditional* (i.e. pre-V2) precedent for the use of a mariachi band in an outdoor procession with the Blessed Sacrament?
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    Pius X forbade bands in church, but I can't recall any document specifically mentioning bands in any other situation. After one EF Mass I was at a long time ago, there was an outdoor Eucharistic procession which had a band (not mariachi), but the band never entered the church. I don't think that really states whether or not it was a tradition, however. I'd never seen it before and haven't encountered it since, not to say I get around that much.
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    "During the later Middle Ages these processions developed into splendid pageants of devotion and honor to the Blessed Sacrament. They are still publicly held, and often with the ancient splendor, in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, in the Catholic sections of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary, and in the Slavic countries and South America. Sovereigns and princes, presidents and ministers of the state, magistrates, members of trade and craft guilds, and honor guards of the armed forces accompany the liturgical procession while the church bells peal, bands play sacred hymns, and the faithful kneel in front of their homes to adore the Eucharistic Lord." — (Excerpted from Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs, by Francis X. Weiser p261) my emphasis
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  • It's beyond question that bands for outdoor processions are a long-standing Catholic tradition. The question is specifically about mariachi bands for this purpose.
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    A mariachi band is a band (usually with a coro), period. I have attended many outdoor processions with the Blessed Sacrament at which mariachis were used. They always played eucharistic hymns (and, perhaps, a few Marian hymns), and not secular music as they might play at a wedding reception. I don't understand the OP's reason for even questioning this practice.
  • I don't understand the OP's reason for even questioning this practice.
    The OP wants to make sure it's "legit" before proposing it to his pastor! I have only encountered full marching bands or brass ensembles elsewhere, but neither of those would be feasible for us.
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    So - it is obvious that each region uses the resources it has available. If you can find some specific example/s of a mariachi band before 1962 then you can counter any argument that was an aberration (if the pastor is doubtful).
    Over to those who live in mariachi land!
    Meanwhile there is a long Hispanic tradition of similar combos, eg around 45:00 -
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    I have no idea.
    But, I found myself in the midst of the coolest procession lead by the Eucharist and brass band in Rome. Amazing!