EF Mass for Newman feast day (October 9)
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    Friends, good chance that we'll celebrating an EF Missa Cantata for Newman's feast day of October 9th, which will precede his canonization taking place a few days later.

    I should be able to put together a stellar choir and some skilled chanters...I would love repertoire suggestions (English composer for polyphony, yes?) and where I can find the Proper that we'll need to chant.

  • Can you give us some parameters for the polyphony?

    Morley, Nolo mortem peccatoris
    Greene, Lord, let me know mine end

    Anerio Unam petii

    Any number of Te Lucis ante Terminum settings

    Stanford Beati Quorum Via
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    Chris, thank you!

    With my timeframe, SATB for polyphony.
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    The 9th October is a Feast of the 3rd class, we do not know what rank St. John Henry will be... But you could have an external Solemnity. As for the Propers I would assume Mass of a Confessor not a Bishop, so Os Justi Or Justus ut palma...
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  • I sat down under his shadow of Sir Edward Bairstow

    Like as the hart Herbert Howells

    Os Justi Anton Bruckner

    The only Justus ut Palma that I know is the one I wrote for my son as a Christmas present. It might be here somewhere. It's very short.
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  • Can you celebrate St. J.H. Newman prior to his canonization? We celebrated his feast as blessed last year (I'm 98% sure it is Os Iusti, but have to review my notes). This year, we are having a pontifical within the first week following his canonization - on October 17th.

    Regardless, I think there are a lot of options for SATB... including Os Iusti as mentioned by Chris above - and Iste Confessor, by many different composers. Palestrina has both the hymn and a Mass patterned after the hymn, but plenty of versions on CPDL.

    Translation from CPDL:
    1 THIS the Confessor of the Lord, whose triumph
    Now all the faithful celebrate, with gladness
    Erst on this feast-day merited to enter
    Into his glory.

    2 Saintly and prudent, modest in behavior.
    Peaceful and sober, chaste was he, and lowly.
    While that life's vigor, coursing through his members,
    Quickened his being.

    3 Sick ones of old time, to his tomb resorting.
    Sorely by ailments manifold afflicted,
    Oft-times have welcomed health and strength returning.
    At his petition.

    4 Whence we in chorus gladly do him honor,
    Chanting his praises with devout affection,
    That in his merits we may have a portion.
    Now and forever.

    5 His be the glory, power and salvation,
    Who over all things reigneth in the highest,
    Earth's mighty fabric ruling and directing,
    Onely and Trinal.
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    There are several settings of Justus ut Palma at CPDL, including SATB works by Michael Haller, Wilhelm Meyer Lutz, and Joseph Rheinberger.
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    "Can you celebrate St. J.H. Newman prior to his canonization? We celebrated his feast as blessed last year"

    Well, it would indeed be for him as a Blessed at that point...

    Thanks for the suggestions, folks! The priest and I are still struggling to find the prayers for the Mass ... any help would be appreciated!
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    I would use the prayers here you should be able to find them in the Missale with the Common Masses,
    This link should have all the music,
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  • If I recall correctly, in the Baronius Press hand missal towards the back in the supplemental feast days for England and Wales there is a feast day with the Mass propers for Blessed Henry Newman.
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  • There is a Collect, all else is taken from the Common for One Pastor.-

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    Friends, I greatly appreciate your help with this Mass! I decided to do a "Kevin Allen Mass"...most of my ladies could not sing, so we're doing his TTB Missa Rex Genitor and his "Desidero Mi Jesu." Fabulous music!

    The priest has asked me to record (or find a recording) of the *simple tone* Common preface in Latin. Any help? I'm struggling to find the notation...

  • chonakchonak
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    Ordo Missae cum cantu has only one version of it, listed as 'solemn tone', but I'll send you snapshots of that, fwiw.
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    Here's the text of the preface in question...

    3072 x 4096 - 2M
  • Is there a simple tone? There is this (atached), described as solemn tone, because it is required at solemn Mass.
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    a_f_hawkins, thanks, this will work!
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    FWIW, in the current Missale Romanum, this is listed as "Praefatio Communis II", and it adds a phrase:

    Vere dignum et iustum est, æquum et salutáre,
    nos tibi semper et ubíque grátias ágere:
    Dómine, sancte Pater, omnípotens ætérne Deus:
    Qui bonitáte hóminem condidísti,
    ac iustítia damnátum misericórdia redemísti:
    per Christum Dóminum nostrum.

    Per quem maiestátem tuam laudant Angeli,
    adórant Dominatiónes, tremunt Potestátes.
    Cæli cælorúmque Virtútes, ac beáta Séraphim,
    sócia exsultatióne concélebrant.
    Cum quibus et nostras voces ut admítti iúbeas, deprecámur,
    súpplici confessióne dicéntes:
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    OK, Mass was last night! Video here:


    3-person male Schola for all the Proper chants except for the Offertory (3-person female Schola)

    Kevin Allen Mass and motet with a choir of 9 gents

    One of my freshman gents played the organ preludes/interludes/recessional...super-talented young man!

    Nothing went perfectly, but I'll skip the usual disclaimers because God was glorified and the people were edified. :) I do have a question, however: there was a significant gap between the end of the Kyrie and when the priest was ready for the Gloria...should I have have some instrumental music between the two?

    And thanks for all the help with my initial questions above!
  • Heath
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    Year 2 of our Newman feast day EF Mass went well!

    Prep was difficult due to COVID (only had one hasty rehearsal!), but I was proud of how the choir came together:

    8 hand-selected singers (all college undergrads)
    Sophomore organ major played the prelude and recessional (Pachelbel's Toccata in E minor and Lemmens' Fanfare) (talented young man!)

    Full chant propers
    The common chant Mass (Missa Jubilate Deo), though we quickly threw the Byrd 3-voice Kyrie together and interspersed it with Kyrie XVI
    Cantate Domino for post-offertory
    Mozart Ave Verum for post-communion

    I'm grateful for the Canons of St. John Cantius for driving down to celebrate this Mass with us!

    Full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0ImbF-ewiU

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