Credo III 'Et incarnatus est...'
  • I am contemplating doing Credo III at Christmas: does anyone know where I might find a suitable choral (SATB) arrangement for the 'Et incarnatus...'?
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  • The following video shows the Credo III sung with a polyphonic "Et incarnatus est" from Westminster Cathedral, London (Christmas, 2001):

    Who can identify the polyphony?
  • I have checked all the Victoria Masses at Nancho Alvarez's site and the Credo in that video does not match any of them. Anyone have any other ideas?

    Somewhere in our household library (I don't know where at the moment) is a book that identifies themes in famous orchestral and chamber music by the solfege (moveable do) of the opening line. Is there something like this for famous polyphony? For any composer's oeuvre? I know that there is an index of chant online that has incipits.
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  • I also know that it's not the Et incarnatus of the Kodaly Missa Brevis which is sung for other sections of the Ordinary.
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  • Hey there, I am a new member and this is my first post. I actually wrote the music department of Westminster C. an email regarding this topic and asked who the composer behind the polyphonic setting of the Et incarnatus est-passage might be. The very gracious lady who made an effort to respond to my query told me that it's Lassus. She didn't, however, have any information on which particular mass it's from. I've been listening to all of the Credos from the masses of Lassus which are available on Youtube and Spotify (maybe fifteen or twenty). I haven't been able to find it. I fear that the mass has never been recorded and that the knowledge of which particular mass we're looking for is buried with the choirmaster who employed it for the specific occasion of the Mass of Christmas Midnight.
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    The Et Incarnatus Est receives a special treatment at St Peter's on Christmas Eve. Quite beautiful.
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    The piece from Westminster Cathedral is from Lasso's Missa super Pilons, pilons l'orge (LV 416) named after a Chanson by Claudin de Sermisy.
  • joerg: Wow, that's amazing! Thank you very much. I've been looking for years after that information. Do you happen to know if there is any recording of that mass out there? I can't seem to find any myself.
  • I don't see a recording in the link above.

    I would like to hear more of this composition if it's part of larger Mass. And also who composed it. I don't see a Mass of that name by Lassus on CPDL.
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    Another lovely Et incarnatus is from the Des Prez Missa Pange lingua.
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  • One must never assume that CPDL is complete. IMSLP has the Missa Pilons and Google has a recording of the Sanctus.
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    I use this one by Juan Muñoz quite often. Straightforward, quick learn, minimal effort required, leaving time for work on the bigger rep. Our organs are tuned at A452, so Creed III is just fine in C or C#.
  • Hello, all! I would like to share one I composed, in case anyone's interested. The piece can be heard here in its original acapella form:, and is attached as well.

    I also have it scored in a few different ways - one for Violins I and II, Viola, and Cello, and one for Strings plus Horns and Trumpets. Let me know if you'd like copies of those scores and/or a recording of it done that way.
  • Jacob, sounds like what late Mozart would have composed in that situation. Fits in effortlessly.
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  • The CMAA 2016 Winter Sacred Music included the Missa super pilons l'orge. Although the Credo was not sung, the other Mass ordinaries were used. You can find a link to the other parts of the Mass at Carl Dierschow's page for the recordings, etc. Noel Jones did the engraving for us for the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus, iirc. I know this is probably not terribly helpful since the Credo was not provided... but just an fyi.
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  • janetgorbitz: Oh dear, I am absolutely delighted by your post! Even though the Credo wasn't included I am still very excited to hear the Gloria and the Sanctus from the Mass in question. I am listening as of now and it is truly lovely stuff. Should be uploaded on Youtube imho. It's very uplifting that there are recordings of the Mass in question out there. Having scanned Spotify and Youtube and finding none I thought the journey had come to an end, but clearly those household names when it comes to digital music don't cover everything.
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  • Our recordings are typically amateur recordings, so we haven't typically uploaded them to youtube. But Carl Dierschow maintains the site with all our recordings freely available...
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    @Chaswjd we often use the Josquin, too, since it suits Credo III (which is our rector's preference) very well. This year, we're doing the Charpentier Messe de Minuit. Sadly, I think the Et incarnatus is the only part of the Creed we'll use, but it is nonetheless very beautiful and in same mode as the chant.
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    Here's our Credo booklet with 21 settings of the Et Incarnatus Est.