Seeking to purchase copies of "Vatican II Hymnal"
  • Greetings. New to the forum as a poster but have read off and on. I am taking over as Musi Director at a parish that uses the Vatican II hymnal which is out of print. We move into a new facility in October and need additional copies. Does anyone have some they no longer need and would sell? Or know of a source?


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    Guess the Vatican II Hymnal was Catholic in every aspect but longevity.
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    Well, I have one copy. Maybe if various members are willing to part with theirs, we could scrounge up a dozen or so!
  • I have one also, but won't have access to it until sometime next spring, as most of my books are still in storage...
  • A dozen would be better than none. They actually have a nice new hymnal and I was hoping there might be someone who had upgraded re gently and needed to share the old ones.
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    Check with Wyoming Catholic college. They had them in the pews at one time but I think now they’re on the shelf.
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    You might also call St. Edward in Newark, CA.
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  • I found enough! Thank you all for the assistance. They arrived last night.
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