Offertory suggestions for Sheen beatification Mass
  • Heath
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    I've been asked to direct a choir of college students and provide music for the Offertory at the beatification Mass for Bishop Fulton Sheen here in his own diocese of Peoria. I'd love to get some suggestions for a choral piece fitting for the occasion!


    --Choir of 30-40 capable singers (we could probably pull off 4-6 parts)
    --Piece can be 3-5 minutes long
    --Readings pulled from the Common of Pastors (not sure of exact ones yet)
    --Fine organist, brass quintet, woodwinds (and maybe strings) at my disposal

    If you have thoughts, please let me know!
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  • I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to say, WOW, I would love to be there!
  • GambaGamba
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    The Graduale Romanum, for the Common of Pastors, gives the option of “Inveni David” or “Veritas mea”.

    Look for those on CPDL and in other places: I am impressed by the settings of Inveni David by Bruckner for TTBB and trombones, one by Palestrina for SATTB, one by Zielenski for double choir.

    Then for Veritas Mea, I see Palestrina also for SATB, and Foggia for SATB.

    It can be nice to have a break from the commotion of brass on such occasions, and the youth would do well to learn that the offertory proper is a thing, and that hard Renaissance songs are for church, not just Madrigal dinners.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I think that perhaps "Veritas mea" is from the Common of a Confessor not a Bishop, whereas "Inveni David" is from the Common of a Confessor Bishop.

    The Bruckner "Inveni David" can be transposed up a fifth (to C minor/major from F minor/major) to make it accessible for mixed SATB voices, albeit Basses are very high (perhaps A minor/major would be better?), and the four trombones can be replaced by two trombones & two horns.
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  • ghmus7
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    Classic text: ecce Sacrados Magnus (not sure if i got that correct) There is a rather easy setting in the St. Gregory Hymnal for SATB. And many other versions.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    The Bruckner "Ecce sacerdos magnus" is quite good, SSAATTBB, 3 trombones & organ.

    Even better is the Victoria SATB a cappella setting.
  • Cantus67Cantus67
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    I would certainly focus on Ecce sacerdos by Victoria if possible. Chant and Polyphony!!!

    Transposed up a third so that the Alto's aren't in the basement.
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  • Kathy
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    No suggestions, but congratulations! That is amazing!
  • Palestrina
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    +1 for the Zielenski and Palestrina settings of Inveni David. Both are very fine.

    It is possible that Sheen will receive his own propers, of course (that kind of thing is becoming fashionable)... so what Offertorium would be appropriate apart from Inveni David? There will be confessor bishops whose feasts already break the mould...
  • Palestrina
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    Thinking this through a bit more... is it anathema for me to suggest that the propers for Confessor/Bishop/Doctor seem more fitting for Sheen than the usual Confessor/Bishop formulary?

    ‘In medio ecclesiae’ would seem to sum him up!
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  • Heath
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    Friends, very helpful! I would love to have some non-Proper text suggestions, as well...we may do the offertory chant and then segue into a choral piece. Thanks!
  • For "non-Proper" pieces, you might look for something Eucharistic (the forum members will know better than I which ones might fit your parameters). Bishop Sheen's particular devotion was to making a Holy Hour every day, and he highly recommended this practice to others throughout his life.

    I hope you will let us know your final choice(s). I never thought I would live to see him beatified; what a joy! :-)
  • Gina
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    Has the date of the beatification Mass been set?
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  • Heath
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    They proposed a date for next month which Rome rejected (due to time constraints, perhaps?)...still waiting!
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Might I suggest the hymn "In Praise of Mary (Hail to thee, O Mary)". The lyrics are based on lines and excerpts from Pope Pius XII's Marian Year of Prayer. It's for three equal voices (at least my copy is) and it received an Imprimatur from Archbishop John Knoll of Fort Wayne, Ind. I only suggest it because Bishop Sheen wrote and spoke exquisitely on Our Blessed Mother. I don't think the music is in publication anymore so if you or anyone else is interested PM and I will provide you with a copy. When I was in St. Mary's choir here in Akron, Oh, we used to sing it. It was published by M&R in 1954. I realize you are looking for an Offertory piece and so you may not wish to use it. But I think it would make a good Offertory hymn.
  • Heath,

    The Mass is OF, yes?
  • Liam
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    While the miracle has been recognized, if memory serves there's another formal round requiring an ordinary consistory to approve the beatification properly speaking. Since the Roman Curia is in the middle of the summer, I would not be surprised if that doesn't happen until late summer or early fall. Then a schedule flows from that. But I could be wrong.
  • just a bump on this.

    >> I've been asked to direct a choir of college students and provide music for the Offertory at the beatification Mass for Bishop Fulton Sheen here in his own diocese of Peoria.

    did you have the Mass? If so, can you give us a run down on the music? :-)
    or if not yet, do you have a date? :-)