Parish Choirs in San Antonio?
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    I have a chorister who will be moving to Lackland AFB this summer (for a few years, probably). She will be looking for a volunteer parish choir with chant and solid hymns. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

  • You might want to explore San Fernando Cathedral and St. Francesco di Paola. She might be greatly appreciated at St. Francesco di Paola. It is a beautiful little Italian church just north of downtown San Antonio. As Our Lady of the Atonement is Anglican-Use, I do not know what their requirements might be, but OLA might be an excellent option.
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    Atonement is your best bet. SA is a bit of a wasteland liturgically.
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    Hello, I can't speak for San Fernando or anyone else, but any interested adult high school age or older may join the adult choir at OLOA who can read music and knows how to sing. Their rehearsals are on 7 pm on Thursday for the 11 o'clock Sunday Mass according to the Anglican Use tradition. Alternatively, like me, you can join the Festival Choir for only the most important events-rehearsals start about a month before the event in question, and occupy about the first hour or more of the Thursday rehearsal. They sing SATB and unison anthems, motets and ordinaries from both Catholic & Anglican traditions, including Byrd, Palestrina, Tallis, Darke, and more. The 11 o'clock and Holy Day Masses have chanted prefaces, Gospel, intentions of the faithful, minor propers sung by the men (the faithful also get to sing hymns at the 9 & 11 o'clock Masses-that is, it is not minor propers vs. hymns), and most often, choral ordinaries, as well as incense.

    Alternatively, men may be interested in chanting for the 6 o'clock Mass according to the Roman Missal in Latin. On Holy Days often they will sing Latin propers at the Mass according to the Anglican Use tradition (that is, according to the Book of Divine Worship).

    I must emphasize that despite our different worship, we are in full communion with the Holy Father and the Catholic Church.

    We are located at 15415 Red Robin Road, right off of N Loop 1604 W (when driving west bound, get off the exit leading to Babcock, drive past Babcock on the side road, and turn onto Red Robin Road-we will be the church at the end of the road).
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    For anyone at the Cathedral, do they do either SATB and/or chanted Masses? I looked at their schedule and saw that they only have three English Masses on the weekend-and I'm not bilingual, so that leaves out the rest, unless they have worship aids. I do know they have an organ, since I sang in the choir for our parochial vicar's presbyteral ordination in 2010.
  • Unfortunately, San Fernando, as far as I remember, still has mariachis. St. Francesco di Paola has an organ and a cantor. I do agree with going to Our Lady of the Atonement.
  • Check out St. Anthony Mary Claret parish. You can probably search online: St. Anthony Mary Claret Church, San Antonio to find contact information.
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! My friend will be very grateful.
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    Bumping this thread.

    I have a very talented soprano heading that way for grad school, and she would love to find a faithful parish to attend.

    If the music was traditional and skillfully done, great! If she could find a paid position as a soprano cantor/section leader, even better!

    (She would also be willing to sing in a non-Catholic church for a regular stipend if it came to that.)

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    Our Lady of the Atonement is the answer!
  • Irishtenor said it -
    Our Lady of the Atonement.
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  • OLA would be my 1st choice and then St. Anthony Claret (our Parish). Both are on the West side of San Antonio. Saint Anthony Claret is strictly OF but the music at the 10:00 am Sunday Mass is very good.

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    I know that the Episcopal Cathedral these had paid singing positions - and of course a fine music program.