Suggestions for EF (or OF in Latin) in Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Dear All:

    I am headed to LA for business. I think that Archdiocese must be a poster child for the effects of the Indult, as when I was thinking of moving there 10 years ago, there was little to nothing, as I recall. Now there are quite a few. However, distances are huge out there so I have trouble gauging practicality. I will be staying in Santa Monica. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

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    Don't go to Saint Monica's in Santa Monica unless you want a liturgical-anthropological case study immersion in everything that's gone wrong with the post-Vatican II liturgical reform. Beautiful church building, however.

    Unfortunately, Santa Monica isn't conveniently located near what you're looking for. I would recommend you check out Saint Vitus (where Jeff Ostrowski leads music, I believe) in San Fernando or Saint Therese of Lisieux in Alhambra, but those are quite a distance away. Both parishes have EF High Masses every Sunday.

    This link might also be helpful for you:,+California,+USA&lat=34.0194543&long=-118.4911912
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  • That's exactly the most helpful kind of advice. The distances are so great. Back before Siri and talking GPS, I had a plasticized pocket map for LA, of the kind that is incredibly detailed for Rome (not a small city). I quickly realized that in fact it only gave me about every 10th road, because the directions are all straight N/S or E/W and the distances are so huge.

    I am thinking I might go to the Cathedral just to say that I have seen it. It always struck me from pictures as looking like the registration area for a Karnak-themed Marriott---and my just dropped to realize it is almost 1 1/2 hours from where I am staying on the ground so I would have to violate my rule against driving on those freeways.

    Gotta do some planning, it seems.


  • Try St John Chrysostom in Inglewood
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  • Thanks, LongBeachChant. I didn't see this until I got back and I wasn't there for the time they would have had it, but if I go back out, that is relatively close in and I could have gotten there.