Happy & Blessed Pentecost 2019!
  • I had the joy of playing and singing for a Solemn High Mass for the Vigil of Pentecost at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Paterson, NJ today for newly-ordained Fr. John Killackey, FSSP, as part of his "First Mass Tour." Now I'm ready to dive into Pentecost proper tomorrow morning!


    PROCESSION: Come Holy Ghost (Lambillotte)
    Full Gregorian Propers
    KYRIALE: II (fons bonitatis)
    CREDO: I
    OFFERTORY: Organ Improv on Veni Sancte Spiritus
    COMMUNION MOTET: Veni Creator Spiritus (Couturier alternatim chant/SATB)
    RECESSIONAL: Come Down, O Love Divine
    POSTLUDE: Organ Improv on Veni Creator Spiritus

    I've decided a big prepared improv on the Veni Creator is an annual tradition for me now. Here's this year's:

    width="560" height="315">

    What's your lineup look like for Pentecost?
  • Bobby Bolin
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    Opening- Come Holy Ghost
    Mass- Heritage
    Offertory- Veni Creator
    Communion- All the Earth (with verses I wrote to match the antiphon)
    Closing- Improv on Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayer
  • EF at Sacred Heart, Cincinnati

    • Exaudi Domine (Webbe)
    • God of our Fathers
    • Organ processional
    • Vidi Aquam (Wilkens)

    • Full Propers
    • Missa Brevis (Palestrina)
    • Offertory: Veni Creator (Ravanello)
    • Comm 1: Bone Pastor (Tallis)
    • Comm 2: Ego Sum (Esquivel)
    • Comm 3: Confirma Hoc (Handl)
    • Comm 4: Iubilate Deo (Mozart)
    • Comm 5: Regina Coeli (Cottone)

    • Veni Creator (Chant) for the indulgence
    • Holy God as recessional
    • Organ postlude

    Some of you might find the Webbe to be interesting / useful:
  • tomjaw
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    St Bede's Clapham Park London,

    9am Pentecost Vigil EF
    All prophecies sung to the Prophecy tone
    Prophecy I & II
    TRACT, Cantemus (Chant)
    Prophecy III
    TRACT, Attende (Chant)
    Prophecy IV
    TRACT, Vinea (Chant)
    Prophecy V & VI

    Blessing of the Font
    TRACT, Sicut Cervus / Sitivit anima mea (Palestrina setting)

    Litany of the Saints (doubled)
    2 Vested Cantor / Choir

    Mass (All Propers sung in full from Graduale Romanum)
    KYRIE I ad lib
    GLORIA Mass I
    ALL. Confitemini
    TRACT. Laudate
    OFF. Emitte
    OFF Motet, Jam Christus astra, (Matins Hymn)
    SANCTUS Mass I
    AGNUS Mass I
    COMM. Ultimo
    COM. Motet. O Salutaris Hostia, (Pierre de la Rue setting)
    Marian Anthem, Regina Caeli solemn tone

    Will post todays programme later!
  • CatholicZ09
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    Processional: Come, Holy Ghost
    Gloria: Mass of Creation
    Psalm: Send Forth Your Spirit (Warner)
    Sequence: (Glover) — mixed with Celtic Alleluia
    Prep: Send out Your Spirit (Schoenbachler)
    Holy: Creation
    Mystery of Faith: Creation
    Great Amen: Creation
    Lamb of God: Agnus Dei chant
    Communion: One Bread, One Body
    Recessional: The Spirit Sends Us Forth
  • tomjaw
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    St. Bede's Clapham Park, London

    11am Pentecost Sunday Mass EF , all Propers sung in full from the Graduale 1924.
    VIDI AQUAM, chant
    INT. Spiritus Domini.
    KY. Mass II
    GL. Mass II
    ALL. Emitte
    ALL. Veni,...
    SEQ. Veni,...
    OFF. Confirma hoc,
    Off motet. Qui procedis, (Former sequence)
    SAN. Mass II
    AGN. Mass II
    COM. Factus est repente
    COM motet. Beata nobis Gaudia (Laudes Hymn, Roman / Sarum melody)
    Domine Saltum fac.
    Marian Anthem. Regina Caeli (solemn tone)
    RES. Veni Creator Spiritus (Vesper Hymn pre-Urban VII words)

    Vespers & Benediction will be at 4.30pm all sung according Antiphonale Romanum 1949.
  • Cantus67Cantus67
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    Good post CB, here's ours. Just hired an Alto section leader who is also an EXCELLENT Viola da Gamba player. This will be her first Sunday with us and she did VERY well at Wednesdays rehearsal.

    (* denotes SEC HYMNAL Pg; non * is OLMC library number, free scores!!!!)

    Processional: Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest 125 *883
    Asperges / Vidi Aquam: Vidi Aquam * 567
    Introit Antiphon: Introit "Spíritus Dómini"
    Kyrie: Mass II: Kyrie *700
    Gloria: Mass II: Gloria *700
    Lesser Alleluja: Lesser Alleluia "Emítte Spíritum"
    Greater Alleluja: Greater Alleluia "Véni Sáncte Spíritus"
    Sequence: Sequence "Véni Sáncte Spíritus"
    Credo: Credo I *768
    Offertory Antiphon: Offertory "Confírma hoc Déus"
    Offertory Hymn: Veni Sancte Spiritus 2035
    Sanctus: Mass II: Sanctus * 702
    Agnus Dei: Mass II: Agnus Dei * 703
    Communion Antiphon: Communion "Fáctus est repénte"
    Communion Hymn: Veni Creator Spiritus 430 or
    Communion Hymn: Veni Creator Spiritus 3038
    Communion Hymn: Anima Christi 310
    Dismissal: Mass II: Ite Missa Est * 704
    Recessional: Come Down O Love Divine 1138 *887

    Practice Items - Ave Maria á 5 - Parsons, Graham Propers, Missa Papae Marcelli - Palestrina, Congratulamini Mihi - Victoria

    Blessings all.
  • tomjaw
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    @Cantus67 the Ave Maria á 5 - Parsons, is the one we sing and is probably the best setting of the text! Good to see someone else singing Mass II.
    Thanked by 132ContraBombarde
  • ViolaViola
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    St Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen, Scotland
    (Rather straightforward and unadventurous, nearly all our university students have gone home )
    Entrance: Come down, O Love Divine
    Introit: recto tono
    Kyrie: Glendalough Mass (SAMen, composer Fr Liam Lawton)
    Gloria: Glendalough
    Psalm: Dom A G Murray
    Sequence: Holy Spirit, Lord of Light (Samuel Webbe)
    Alleluia: chant
    During Confirmation, 33 candidates;
    Spirit of the Living God
    Come Holy Ghost, Creator, Come
    Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Walker)
    Offertory: Here I am, Lord
    Holy Holy: Glendalough
    Mem. Acc. III: chant
    Amen: composed by our organist, SATB and descant very grand
    Our Father: Mozarabic chant
    Lamb: Glendalough
    Communion antiphon: recto tono
    Communion: organ music plus hymn, Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to us
    Ite, missa est and double alleluia: chant
    Regina caeli: chant, simple tone
    Recessional: God's Spirit is in my heart

  • CharlesW
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    Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Knoxville, TN

    Entrance: Come, Holy Ghost (Lambillotte)
    Gloria and Ordinary: ICEL Chant Mass
    Psalm: Lord, Send Out Your Spirit, A. della Picca
    Sequence: Traditional English Text, Plainsong, Mode I
    Gospel Acclamation: Chant Mode VI
    Offertory: With a Voice of Singing, Martin Shaw
    Communion Proper: Richard Rice
    Organ while choir received communion: Veni Creator Spiritus, R. Schulz-Widmar
    Communion Hymn: Come Down, O Love Divine (Down Ampney)
    Organ during second offering: Come, Oh, Come Thou Quickening Spirit, Guenter Raphael
    Recessional: Fire of God, Undying Flame (Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland)
    Postlude: Magnificat du 1er Ton, Michel Corrette
  • CatherineS
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    I'll leave the location off for privacy's sake.

    Music: just the propers, plus the indulgenced Veni Creator.

    I'll write additional commentary else where so as not to disrupt the lovely format of this thread.

    @32ContraBombarde - I've been to your church - it was lovely! I have family in that area, though I live overseas.
  • redsox1
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    St. Hugo of the Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    Prelude: Komm Heiliger Geist- Bach
    Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost - LAMBILLOTTE
    Gloria in Honor of St. Hugo of Cluny- Sittard
    Psalm: Proulx/Gelineau
    Sequence: Plainchant (English)
    Alleluia Mode VI
    Anthem: Confirma Hoc Deus- Rheinberger
    Hymn: O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God - ST COLUMBA
    Mass for the City-Proulx / Isele Lamb of God
    Communion Antiphon-Kelly
    Anthem: Come Down, O Love Divine - Harris
    Hymn: O Spirit All-Embracing - THAXTED
    Postlude: Fugue in E-Flat (St. Anne) - Bach

  • GambaGamba
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    St. Mary’s, Auburn, NY

    Sung Mass, NO
    All propers from GR1974

    Introit: Spiritus Domini
    Hymn: Come down, O Love Divine
    Psalm: Angelo della Picca
    Sequence: Veni sancte Spiritus
    Alleluia: cribbed from O filii
    Offertory: Confirma hoc, Deus
    Anthem: Draw us in the Spirit’s tether (Friedell)
    Communion: Factus est repente + Psalm 68
    Anthem: Listen, sweet Dove (Ives)
    Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost (Lambilotte)
    Organ: Duruflé, Chorale varié sur Veni Creator, alternating with sung verses by the Schola; Bach, Komm, Gott Schöpfer, heiliger Geist (BWV 667)
  • 10am Pentecost Sunday Mass "EF"

    Processional: Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest
    Vidi Aquam
    Full Gregorian propers, incl Sequence, excepting Offertory
    Kyriale: Missa O Quam Gloriosum, de Victoria
    Credo: Credo III
    Offertory Hymn: Veni Creator Spiritus (Couturier)
    1 Communion: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Charpentier?)
    2 Communion: Beata Nobis Gaudia
    3 Communion: Antiphon and Gloria Patri
    Recessional: Veni Creator Spiritus - de Grigny
  • Madame,

    I guess you've answered my question, but I'll ask it anyway: doesn't it strike you as gilding the lilly to include both Come Holy Ghost and Veni Creator Spiritus?
  • chonakchonak
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    We repeat things too at the EF Mass I attend, sometimes even immediately: e.g., a chant offertory proper followed by a polyphonic setting of the same text. At this parish's offertory there's enough time to do that.

    Modern liturgical purists prefer to eliminate "redundancies", I suppose.
  • 7:30 TL/EF:
    Vidi aquam
    Ordinary: Mass I, Credo III
    Proper: Gregorian of the day + one verse from the Offertoriale
    Seasonal Marian Antiphon: Regina caeli, simple tone
    Hymn: Veni Creator Spiritus (Gregorian)
    Recessional: Come, Holy Ghost, 1v.

    9:15 NO/OF:
    Choral Prelude: Primum quaerite (Isaac)
    Full Gregorian Proper (psalm-toned Alleluia verses)
    Kyrie XVI (ninefold)
    Gloria: Mass of the Resurrection (DeBruyn)
    Motet at Offertory: Ps 117 (mode 8 falsobordone, Asola)
    Sanctus XVIII, ICEL Memorial Acclamation C, Pater noster, Agnus XVIII
    Motet at Communion: Veni Creator Spiritus (alternatim, Asola)
    Recessional: Come, Holy Ghost, 4vv.
  • Church of All Saints (FSSP), Minneapolis, MN
    10:30 am TLM

    Processional: Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest
    Vidi Aquam
    Kyrie: Missa Gabriellis Archangelus (Palestrina)
    Gloria: Mass XI
    Credo III
    Offertory: Veni Creator Spiritus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnsa43G42LQ (not our group, but to share which version we sang)
    Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei: Missa Gabriellis Archangelus (Palestrina)
    Communion: Dum Complerentur (Palestrina)
    Recessional: Come Down, O Love Divine

  • 8 a.m. mass, cantor and congregation

    Prelude: Veni Creator Spiritus - Callahan
    Processional: O Holy Spirit Enter In OLD HUNDREDTH HPSC #245
    Arbogast Propers
    Kyrie: Missa VIII
    Gloria: Missa VIII
    Psalm 104 - Theodore Marier setting
    Sequence - Holy Spirit, Come and Shine Marier accompaniment. The congregation joined in the singing of all the even verses.
    Gospel Acclamation - William Monk
    Offertory - God We Praise You (Te Deum) NETTLETON
    Sanctus - Mass for the City Proulx
    The mystery of Faith - Roman Missal chant
    Agnus Dei - Missa XVII
    Communion - Alleluia, Sing to Jesus
    Post Communion - Mary, Queen of Heaven (chant)
    Recessional - Come Holy Ghost (sung to WINCHESTER NEW)
    Postlude - Alle Menschen - Bach
  • St. Francis de Sales Oratory, St. Louis, MO

    Ordinary: Missa Veni Creator Spiritus, Bernabei
    Introit, 1st & 2nd Alleluia: Chant
    Offertory: Confirma Hoc, Salieri
    Communion: Factus Est Repente, Byrd

  • CGZ - about redundancy
    it doesn't bother me.

    in the hymnals we have, all the people will sing Come Holy Ghost
    maybe 35% will sing O Breathe on Me, Thou Breath of God
    and none will sing anything else
    so dot's wot i picked.

    Choir sang the Couturier Veni Creator Spiritus because... ok that's another thread that I always wanted to start. thanks for the reminder :-)
  • Chonak,

    "purism" probably comes in many flavors, I think.

    a) Gregorian Chant propers and Ordinaries, with no polyphony ever.

    b) Polyphony is allowed at Mass, because the Church gives us the treasury of music, but must never replace Gregorian chant Propers, only supplement them. (So, for example, at the Easter Vigil, no polyphonic settings of Sicut Cervus, Sitivit Anima Mea and Fuerunt mihi may ever be used at the procession to the font, but may be used, sparingly, at that Mass at other times.)

    c) Organ must accompany chant; all chant, period.

    d) Organ must never accompany chant, as it is a noisy instrument played by self-centered showmen and adds utterly un-necessary frills to the Mass. (Remember, Puritanism is a form of "purism".

    e) Something else?

  • e) Polyphony appropriately used, and unobtrusive, supporting organ accompaniment for a small % of chant (e.g., Kyriale alternation)

    we had a visitor who was organist at a seminary
    He played a quiet solo of "O Quam Glorifica" which really brought tears to my eyes. It was just his own composition, based on so many years of hearing it sung beautifully.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    St. Sebastian Akron, nothing fancy
    Hymn: Come down, o love divine
    Mass I, Credo III
    Gregorian Proper except for Offertory Confirma hoc Deus (Jef Tinel)
    Offertory hymn: Veni creator Spiritus
    Communion motet: Ave verum corpus (Mozart/Montani)
  • "St. Sebastian Akron, nothing fancy"

    Mass I and DOWN AMPEY? This is all one needs!
    A lovely mass it must have been.