what is this setting of Panis Angelicus?
  • vansensei
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    EWTN Mass at about 1:08. Before the singing, there's an instrumental of the César Franck, but the next version I've never heard before. Anyone have any leads?
  • davido
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    It is also unknown to me, I can't say that I like it that much, either. Seems a bit pedestrian.
    The nineteenth century French composers were the most common composers of solo motets, but this one does not appear to be by any of the prominent composers in that category.
  • madorganist
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    It's by the contemporary British traditional Catholic composer Nicholas Wilton. Not French or nineteenth century at all!
  • davido
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    Congratulations to Mr Wilton on writing for solo voice for the catholic liturgy! It is done so infrequently now days. We can use more solo rep and new sacred music is always welcome
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