I need an antiphon for the anniversary of an ordination
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    We will celebrate this on June 23, Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, We usually sing the propers in English. This Mass will be a joint effort with the guitar group and the chant schola.
  • be a joint effort with the guitar group and the chant schola.

    The guitars will play every neume they can read, I guess, and the chant schola will fret?
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    The anniversary of a priest's ordination is listed in the Roman Missal (p. 1254) with an Entrance Antiphon and a Communion Antiphon:

    Entrance: It was not you who chose me, says the Lord, but I who chose you and appointed you to go out and bear fruit, fruit that will last. (Jn 15:16)

    Communion: The chalice of blessing that we bless is a communion in the Blood of Christ; and the bread that we break is a sharing in the Body of the Lord. (cf. 1 Cor 10:16)

    But I doubt it is correct to use them on Sunday, June 23, 2019, because of the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of our Lord. Perhaps you could sing them as supplemental music at some point in the Mass. The guitar group would probably be willing to perform this adaptation.
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    Thank you, Richard. I would have missed the obvious, and looked into ordinations in the Missal and probably not anniversary. I had already been favoring the text " It was not you..." but being June 23 Solemnity I want to be careful. Either way I hope we can at least sing the Alleluia from the GR.
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    EF is so much better in this regard. Mass of the day plus commemoration prayers for the priest's anniversary. And they are beautiful.
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    I would say; find a compromise.
    You have to do the propers of the day, so as @chonak suggests do the antiphon and communion of the day.

    You COULD do the Litany of the Saints after mass?
    I know for an anniversary of ordination that fell on a Sunday we've done the litany after mass and Tu Es Sacerdos straight after the recessional hymn as a procession back in to do the Litany.
    Tu Es Sacerdos could be done as chant or there are a plethora of other versions out there; including a highly repetitive Taize version. I'm not sure what guitar stuff you guys do - energetic rhythmic strumming or classical lute picking style.
    There are also litanies written with guitars which; for a girl who generally dislikes having guitars, is not too bad and can be done with sung harmonies - John Becker. (I do prefer the chant one but I've done this before in a parish with a "mini band" and I think it was the first time the "mandolin group" played with some taste!)

    But yes... Sunday/feast trumps ordination anniversary. So, do the antiphon of the day and maybe seek the opportunity to fit in a nice chant or hymn post mass I'd say. That's my workaround for that kind of stuff.
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