2-3 part Latin motet for Corpus Christi?
  • Any suggestions for a three (or maybe two) part eucharistic motet for a small choir on the feast of Corpus Christi? In Latin would be best. Thanks.
  • These are all 3 voice unless otherwise specified:

    Kevin Allen - Desidero Mi Iesu
    Kevin Allen - Panis Angelicus
    Kevin Allen - Ave Sacer Christi Sanguis

    Claudio Casciolini - Panis Angelicus

    Josquin De Prez - Ave Verum

    Theodore Dubois - Adoramus Te (sing SAB, but written for SATB)

    Louis Lambilotte - Panis Angelicus (sing SA or SAB, but written for SATB)

    Giovanni Battista Martini - O Salutaris Hostia

    Oreste Ravanello - Quid Retribuam

    All of these are public domain except the Kevin Allen pieces - I can include any of the PD pieces if you are unable to locate them. The Quid Retribuam is one of my favorite pieces by Ravanello; the O Salutaris by Martini is exquisite. The Ave Verum by Josquin is an interesting piece - it repeats the SA line in the 2nd half and adds a third line. The more I do it, the more I discover a depth to it.
  • I would be obliged if you would include the score to the Martini.
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    Panis a Angelicus and o salutaris are great pieces and very easy for singing with a no profesional chorus.

  • I've decided to go with the Casciolini "Panis Angelicus," it is precisely what I was looking for. While I'm at it, any suggestions for (unaccompanied) Christmas pieces which fit the same sort of bill?
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    Have you tried this?
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    I’m much in the same position as you are with voices, and if you have not already discovered it there is a lovely Ascendit Deus by Dalitz for Ascension Sunday. We are also doing Ravanello Benedictus sit Deus for Trinity Sunday which has similar voicing. Just FYI since those are coming up before Corpus Christi.
  • Ascension Sunday THURSDAY
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    Ascension Sunday THURSDAY

    You mean Ascension Thursday Sunday Thursday.
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    O Sacrum Convivium - R. Remondi, arr. For unison, two or four part chorus by N.A.M., St. Gregory
    O Cor Amoris - S.N.D. , Sunday School Hymn Book
    Ave Verum -S.N.D. , Sunday School Hymn Book
    Veni Jesu - Cherubini, St. Basil's Hymnal

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    What style preference? Any?
    O Salutaris Hostia - Franck - a challenge for the singers intervallic wise but kinda cool.
    (it's accompanied and breaks off into 3 parts if the soprano part is too high.)
    If you want simple and accompanied try O Salutaria Hostia - Gounod - more comfortable range wise and a supportive accompaniment for any stray choristers.

    If you want unaccompanied just send me a message. I think I wrote some easy ones but I also picked up a really old book full of 3 part eucharistic motets (can you believe libraries throw out this stuff? Me neither!)
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    Check this thread for my 3-part Gustate et videte.
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