III Sunday after Easter
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    At St. Bede's Clapham Park, London 11am Mass

    VIDI AQUAM (chant)
    INT., Jubilate deo, Issac setting.
    KYRIE, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    GLORIA, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    ALL., Chant (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    ALL., Chant (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    CREDO, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    OFF., Chant (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    OFF. motet, Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    SANCTUS & BENEDICTUS, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    AGNUS DEI, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    COMM, Modicum... Isaac setting alternated with Psalm verses
    Domine Salvum Fac, chant
    MARIAN ANTHEM, Regina Caeli, Lehmann

    Then shared lunch in our Parish club room (licensed bar!)

    2pm Crowning of a Statute of Our Lady and outdoor procession.
    Crowning hymn. Bring flowers of the rarest
    Procession, Rosary with sung G.P.
    Litany of Loretto (1st chant melody)
    Regina Caeli, simple tone

    (Back to the club rooms to sample more of the offerings from the bar!)

    5pm Solemn Vespers and Benediction
    Easter Vespers (EF as in the Antiphonal 1949), with commemorations of St Robert Bellamine, SS Nerus etc., and the Octave of St. Joseph.
    Regina Caeli solemn tone
    O salutaris (common melody)
    Tantum ergo (common melody)
    Adoremus in aeternum (chant melody as modified by John Rush)
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    My first glance at the title -- I thought you were ill the Sunday after Easter, and I came into the thread to commiserate.

    Love the Hassler!
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    And on a far more modest scale, St. Sebastian Akron:
    Hymn: Be joyful Mary
    Ordinary: Mass of St. Teresa (Healey Willan), Credo IV
    The usual chant Proper
    Offertory motet: Lotti Regina Coeli
    Communion motet: Peeters Tantum ergo
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  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    St. Joseph, Greenwood

    Procession: 'Tis the Month of Our Lady
    Actual Crowning: Bring Flowers to the Fairest (but NOT to the traditional tune, and ladies only, thank God)

    Following the administration of an insulin shot, Mass immediately followed.

    Mass I, Credo IV
    Offertory Motet: Regina Caeli Jubila (Be Joyful Mary Holy Queen)
    Communion Motets: 1) Ecce Panis Angelorum (Portuguese [Merry-go-Round] Melody) 2) Tota Pulchra Es (Pothier)
    Recessional: "O Queen of the Holy Rosary"
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    Glad you had that insulin on hand Stimson :-)

    Can you tell us more about "Tis the Month of Our Lady" - it's not one I've heard of before.
  • Pray tell, Stimson,

    WHICH tune did you use?
  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    I'm just now seeing this!

    I'll see if I can find the tune for "Bring Flowers of the Fairest" - it was very minimalist.

    And my bad Pax - it was "'Tis the Month of Our Mother".
  • Can you tell us more about "Tis the Month of Our Lady" - it's not one I've heard of before.

    I believe it actually is 'Tis the Month of our Mother... attached.
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