Anthologies/sources for Latin treble music, 2 or 3 part? Rheinberger anthologies to purchase?
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    Hello Everyone,

    Can you share with me any good anthologies/collections of 2 or 3 part treble (or equal voice) music that you know of? It can be a capella or with organ accompaniment. Could also be 3 part pieces that could be transposed up to accommodate women's voices.
    I know of Lasso's 2 part bicinium, and of course anything I can find on, and Ravanello's 3 part anthology.
    I am interested more Catholic music that is from classical/romantic/20th century era that I could peruse.

    In particular, I also am really wanting to find collections of Rheinberger's music that I could purchase? I have tried searching online, but have had absolutely no luck figuring out where I can purchase his music!

  • Stella,

    Where are you, geographically speaking? I ask because my son's choir director has introduced him to more Rheinberger than he thought existed. That's in the desert Southwest.

    PM me.
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    Carus is the main publisher of Rheinberger's music. Not much in the way of anthologies, though.
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    There is a TON of equal voice stuff on IMSLP. I know, because I put a lot of it there. If you're interested in single composers or editors, you can go to Catholic Romantic Music and that will get you there. If you're interested in just the voicing, you might have better luck with the IMSLP Category Crawler (which does take some getting used to.)

    Here are a few things that stand out:
    Melodie sacre. These are 12 volumes of music by Perosi and his school, for 1-4 voices (but mostly 2 or 3). I do quite a bit of this with my mixed group, using my soprani as 4' tenors)

    Works of Jef Tinel from 1920s Belgium.

    Capra actually released SIX "anthologia vocalis" The first is mostly by the German (and sometime American inhabitant) Benjamin Hamma and is 3 voices. I had borrowed a copy, but it was bound too tightly to successfully scan. 3-6 are for 4 voices

    Bruno Oscar Klein was a student of Rheinberger who came to America, and the apple did not fall far. I particular recommend his Missa de Nativitate Domini for 2 (actually 4) part women, published with a Hodie Christus and Resonet in Laudibus (listed separately on IMSLP), and his Op. 45 6 motets.

    There are several 2-part Masses by the Polish-American Eugeniusz Walkiewicz. Near the end of his life, he also published a set of Propers for 2-part women and organ. The Polish Museum of America has the voice parts but apparently not the organ.

    As for Rheinberger himself, IMSLP is very good for early works and oddments. If you decide to do the Op. 62 Missa Puerum with your ladies, has a recasting of the Gloria to make it liturgically kosher (the text that Rheinberger set is incomplete.)
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    Here you go.
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    Stimson, thanks for this edition. This one was unknown to me and has some lovely gems in it.