Gospel Motets
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    Can anyone here recommend an article about Gospel motets?

    I am fascinated by Guerrero’s motets on Gospel texts (not to mention th substantial Iberian output in a similar vein).

    Were these motets it need for liturgical use? If yes (especially give that they don’t conform to the proper texts), when were they sung?
  • I used to do a fine motet about the pharisee and the publican.
    I don't remember the exact title or first line, but it was by Heinrich Schutz, and I'm sure there are more where it came from.
    The original language, of course, was German, but we sang a good Englished version.
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    Probably you've seen this "In illo tempore" page already. It does make one suspect "alius cantus aptus" is a more venerable tradition than many think, and an organ voluntary (with sotto voce spoken Offertory?) seems to have been the norm in Isaac's day.
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    MJO is referring to: "Es gingen zweene Menschen hinauf in den Tempel zu beten" SWV 444 ... one of my favourite Heinrich Schütz works which I first sang with the early music ensemble Zephyrus a long time ago in Charlottesville, Virginia. Score at CPDL and also at IMSLP. The German is somewhat of a dialect, but still quite understandable and the musical setting is beautiful.
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  • ...seems to have been the norm...
    Apparently what we would take to be basic reverence and decorum was non- or minimally existent in times past.
    >Every once in a while one stumbles over some literary evidence that 'church' or liturgy in times past was not defined by the decorum which we take for granted and become vexed over when it is not observed.
    >One has encountered such requirements as that while the organ is playing its alternatim verse of a hymn or some other part of the liturgy, the text was to be read aloud - apparently during the organ's verset.
    >Then we are told that Titelouze complained that the monks' conversation during the organ's verset was so loud as almost to drown out the organ!