Mass on Ave Verum?
  • ldknutson
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    Does anyone know of a Mass on the tune of Ave Verum for Corpus Christi? For some reason I can only recall motets by Byrd and Josquin etc.

    If not, another good Mass setting for Corpus Christi you would recommend for a small choir?

    Thank you!
  • cmb
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    There's a Josquin Missa Pange Lingua:
  • Bobby Bolin
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    Richard Proulx wrote a setting based on Adoro te Devote, called Corpus Christi Mass
  • Aristotle EsguerraAristotle Esguerra
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    The Petite Messe «Ave Verum Corpus» by Amédeé Gastoué (1873–1943) is a three-voice (SABar) setting of all movements except the Credo. Other than the Gloria, its range requirements are pretty modest. Might be worth a look.
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    For mixed voices Palestrina's Missa Lauda Sion) lies a little bit easier than Josquin, who otherwise is unexcelled.