Good Friday communion antiphon question
  • We are chanting Psalm 22 during the distribution of Communion today. The setting does not include a “Glory Be” at the closing, and this composer normally does indicate one. Is there some reason not to close with that as we normally do?
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    In the Extraordinary Form books, it’s not there, the Gloria Patri having been suppressed since Passion Sunday.
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  • (Sorry, I should have said OF.)

    I didn’t realize the Gloria Patri was suppressed after Passion Sunday. We have been using Adam Bartlett’s Simple English Propers, and he includes the Gloria Patri for Palm/Passion Sunday and for Holy Thursday. There’s obviously no Communion Antiphon in the Graduale for Good Friday, but we are using a setting of Psalm 22 from the Lumen Christi Gradual for today.

    Thanks for responding.
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    At communion (OF) we sang the antiphon Dominus tamquam ovis with verses from Psalm 22 (21). We didn't end with Gloria Patri.
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  • My advise and my practice is to avoid the Gloria Patri, even if it is not suppressed in the OF.
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    The Gloria Patri is added at the ends of psalms and canticles in all the hours for the Liturgy of the Hours on Good Friday. On that basis, I don't see why the Gloria Patri would have to be excluded when singing Psalm 22 during Communion at the Good Friday liturgy. It's optional to add the Gloria Patri at any Mass, in any case, according to #1 and #17 of the Ordo Cantus Missae. So do whatever you prefer, even though the Good Friday liturgy isn't a Mass.
  • Thanks, everyone. I ended up deciding not to do it, but it’s funny that my first question on the forum turned out to be one without a clear answer.

    I’m grateful that this is the place where there are other people one can ask about these things. I’m certain that no one in my parish noticed or would care either way...I just like to be correct. :-)
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    FWIW, the Graduale Romanum 1974 (for the OF) does have an instruction not to sing the Gloria Patri during the psalms of the Palm Sunday procession.
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  • If I may be persnickety, in the Ordinariate 'Passion Sunday' is still Passion Sunday, being the fifth Sunday in Lent, the Sunday following being Palm Sunday, not 'Passion Sunday'. Gloria patri is, indeed, suppressed on Palm Sunday and all of Holy Week until the Easter Vigil.
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    In the EF the GP as part of the Introit is suppressed from Passion Sunday (V of Lent), in the Divine Office some example are suppressed on most days, from Maunday Thursday it is omitted from the end of the Psalms and Responsories.

    For the OF you have change for the sake of change so it is unsurprising that there is differences and confusion!
  • Yes, M. Jackson Osborn, please be persnickety- that’s exactly why I came here to ask. It’s hard to find people who care enough about liturgical details to be persnickety.

    I didn’t know Passion Sunday was Lent V- it’s lumped together with Palm Sunday in the OF (in my experience).

    And chonak- thanks for the note about the Graduale- that’s the most persuasive point yet!
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    In our diocesan Ordo (Liverpool, England) Saturday before the fifth Sunday of Lent notes "Crosses are to be veiled until ... Statues are to be veiled until ..." So Passiontide is marked, but not named.
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    If it's at all helpful, at my parish where I am Director of Music, which uses the O.F., I suppress the Gloria Patri at the Introit and Communion from Lent V onward, following E.F. practice.
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    If it's at all helpful, at my parish where I am Director of Music, which uses the O.F., I suppress the Gloria Patri at the Introit and Communion from Lent V onward, following E.F. practice.

    Same here.
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  • It is quite helpful. Thanks, both of you.