Liturgy/Organ in Paris/London
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    I'm leaving for Paris/London in a few days. Anyone have any recommendations for the best liturgical music to experience? Or anything organ/Messiaen related?
  • Two of the world's finest living organists are in Paris: Daniel Roth at Saint-Sulpice, and Olivier Latry at Notre Dame. Remarkable improvisers in the great French School tradition. I've not heard them live, but I'd be looking to hear them if I were in Paris! And both playing on incredible specimens of Aristide Cavaille-Coll's work (especially Saint-Sulpice, which is largely unaltered since Cavaille-Coll finished his rebuilding of the instrument in 1862).
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    In London the two best Catholic places are Westminster Cathedral (that's the RC Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Westminster) and the London Oratory (aka Brompton Oratory); both have impeccable Liturgies. The Cathedral Choir under Martin Baker and the Oratory School Schola Catorum under Charles Cole are world-renowned--and justly so.
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    Tournemire at Westminster Cathedral, and there's an organ recital most Sundays at 16:45. The service music shedules are on their website, up to Easter. Unfortunately Brompton Oratory has not yet posted their April lists.
    I see at St Paul's Cathedral (Anglican) the theme for their the Lenten Sermon series at Sunday Evensong is “In Quires and Places where they sing, here followeth the Anthem”
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    St Eugene in Paris hosts the Schola St Cecile which always is doing fabulous music.
    The organ at St Sulpice was damaged by the soot and dirt from the recent arson fire, so not sure if you would get to hear it.
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    You should also try stop by the SSPX-run church of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet.