New Responsorial Psalm Collection by Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB
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    Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB has just released The Collegeville Chant Psalter, published by Liturgical Press. The texts follow the U.S. Lectionary text of the psalms and responses for the complete three-year cycle of Sundays and major feast days, along with the "common" or "seasonal" psalms. It is available HERE. A sample PDF is available for perusal.

    Fr. Ruff previously released his Responsorial Psalms for Weekday Mass: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, also published by Liturgical Press (HERE).
  • Curious as to why he chose the NAB for the Psalm text in the new book while the weekday collection used the Grail.
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    The copyright says Collegeville, but the psalm tone looks like Fr Columba kelly’s St Meinrad tone
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    Do we need another collection? I am so tired of responsorial psalms anyway...probably the most pedestrian part of the liturgy.
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  • Actually, the thing that I like about the "Responsorial Psalms for Weekday Mass: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter" collection, is that he gave us both the NAB and the Grail translations.