Candlemas 2019
  • tomjaw
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    St Bede's Clapham Park, 9am EF Mass

    All Chant sung in full from the G.R. 1924

    Blessing of Candles
    Ant. Lumen ad revelationem
    Ant. Exsurge Domine

    Ant. Adorna thalamum
    Ant. Responsum accepit Simeon
    Resp. Obtulerunt

    INT. Suscepimus
    K. Mass IX
    G. Mass IX
    Grad. Suscepimus
    All. Senex puerum
    Credo I
    Off. Diffusa est
    Motet. Postquam Puellae, Monastic Hymn
    San. Mass IX
    Agnus. Mass IX
    Com. Responsum
    Motet. Adorna Sion Thalamum (modern Liber Hymnarius version)
    Marian Anthem. Alma Solemn tone

    The choir of 4 men sang from the sanctuary. The serving team consisted of M.C. 11 years old, Thurifer, 10 years old, Acolytes 8 and 7/8 years old.
  • PRE
    Litany BVM #2
    Hail Queen of Heaven the Ocean Star

    Full tone chants (2nd and 3rd responsories for the procession) for the ceremony of blessing, distribution and procession with candles.

    Full propers - ladies only
    Mass IX - Ad Lib Gloria 1
    Credo VII

    Offertory motet - Dixit Maria (Hassler)
    Communion motet - Ave Virgo (Guerrero)

    Sing of Mary

    (We had also planned O Sanctissima (Allen), Tota Pulchra (Ancient), Ave Maris (Victoria) and the Alma Redemptoris (Solemn Tone), but didn't have time at Communion with fewer than hoped for attending.)
  • Josh
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    This was the first EF Mass in a new parish, the new priest having only arrived the day before: though it was Low Mass for lack of a choir, he himself sang the Lumen ad revelationem with the Nunc dimittis, and led the singing of the simple Alma Redemptoris Mater after the Leonine Prayers at the end.
  • GambaGamba
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    St. Mary, Auburn, NY
    7:45 am Mass (OF)

    All Chant sung in full from the Gregorian Missal, with congregation also singing from same on items with an asterisk.

    Blessing of Candles
    Ant. Ecce Dominus Noster

    Abbreviated Procession (due to cold)
    *Ant. Lumen ad revelationem

    INT. Suscepimus
    *K. Mass IX
    *G. Mass IX
    Grad. Suscepimus
    *All. Senex puerum
    Off. Diffusa est
    *Pref. Sung in English
    *San. Mass IX
    *MemAcc: Mortem tuam
    *Lord’s Prayer sung in English
    *Agnus. Mass IX
    Com. Responsum + Nunc + Psalm
    *Marian Anthem. Alma simple tone

    Organ: Guilmant fugue on Lumen ad revelationem gentium, discovered after someone pointed it out on this forum.
  • Our Lady of the Atonement, San Antonio, TX
    Choral Evensong with the Cardinal Singers of the University of the Incarnate Word

    Prelude: Voluntary No. 1 (Hook)
    Introit, Blessing of Candles and Procession: O lux beatissima (Helvey)
    Preces and Responses (Smith)
    Hymn: O gracious light (Schramm)
    Psalm 48: Magnus Dominus (chant, Crotch)
    Psalm 87: Fundamentus eius (chant, Elvey)
    Magnificat: Festival Magnificat (Pinkham)
    Nunc Dim: New Year Canticles (Salfen)
    Apostles’ Creed and Lord’s Prayer recto tono with organ
    Motet: Verbum caro (Palestrina)
    Hymn: O Sion, open wide thy gates (ST. BOTOLPH)
    Postlude: Grand jeu (du Mage)
  • I know this is specifically for Candlemas, but I'll go ahead and include our patronal feast which fell a few days before:

    Feast of Saint John Bosco, Patron Saint of Una Voce Lafayette
    January 31, 7 PM
    St. Charles Borromeo, Peru

    PROCESSIONAL: Wyeth, Da Mihi Animas (original composition for our group - the composer sang with us this evening)
    PROPERS: Full Gregorian
    ORDINARY: Haydn, Missa Brevis #7 - Sancti Joannes de Deo
    OFFERTORY MOTET: Mary Queen of Scots, O Domine Deus
    Palestrina, Adoramus Te
    Remondi, O Sacrum Convivium
    RECESSIONAL: Gounod, Marche Pontificale (with trumpet)

    A decent turn-out, considering the cold. Our celebrating priest skipped the Kyrie and the Gloria - something he has done for the past three masses we've sung with him. (And this is one of the more liturgically astute priests in our diocese. Go figure.) The sextet singing on the Haydn really stepped up to the plate, which almost didn't happen since so many had to drop out due to the weather (it took three hours to get home for what is regularly a one hour drive.) The fact that we were able to get through the Benedictus without a hitch, and the organist unable to play it until that very evening, was nothing short of a miracle. A terrifying miracle, but nonetheless. Our organist was originally going to conclude with some more pieces from Haydn's Water Clock compositions, but then he backed out at the last minute - said he "didn't have the music" (even though the book was right in front of him and me). I'm beginning to wonder if there are such things as 'normal' organists . . .


    Feast of the Purification
    February 2, 7 PM
    Holy Family, Gas City

    PROPERS: Full Gregorian
    COMMUNION MOTET: Haec Accipiet (chant with psalm 23)
    RECESSIONAL: Chant, Alma Redemptoris Mater (simple) & Ave Maria

    Simple and to the point, so no worries. Choir learned its music and followed the procession quite nicely. The Director of Worship for our diocese was in attendance with her family, which was nice. Procession happened around the inside of the church, since the sidewalk was damp and Father "didn't want any lawsuits on his hands". Only troublesome thing during the night was dealing with altar servers. Nothing inspires confidence like asking the MC right before the beginning of Mass which altar server would light the candles for the congregation at the Gospel and the Canon, and getting the reply: "We're going to figure that out eventually." (I ended up just walking up to the altar candles, lighting my own, and bringing it back down to the congregation, because they totally spaced on that. Not liturgically refined - but it's our first time.)
  • reviving this 2019 thread to ask,
    does anyone have a link to an mp3 of the Antiphon Responsum accepit Simeon a Spiritu Sancto, sung during Candlemas procession?
    Not on ccwatershed, unfortunately. And although I have found the Lumen, Adorna, and Obtulerunt, am not finding this one. Many thanks!
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    This site is a good guide of what is available, but sadly it is missing. You will have to scroll down the calendar...
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    @mmeladirectress Just a rehearsal recording. Still three weeks to go - be kind! ;)
  • sounds good!

    you wouldnt happen to have the Obtulerunt as well... would you? What I have is Spotify and not mp3.
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    Here you go! (No final repeat.)
  • madorganist, you are my hero! Many thanks!
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