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    As a long time Catholic organist of protestant upbringing (amateur but moderately skilled) I would like to know if anyone has suggestions for how to reintroduce some older Catholic musical pieces- we pretty much do the 4 hymn sandwich out of Gather, singing mass parts also from that collection. I understand that there is a whole tradition of which I am ignorant but curious - where to begin? I' m not the DM, just the organist, subject to the decisions of others- but I do control the prelude and postlude music - suggestions?
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    You could try playing some Gregorian Chant based pieces for prelude or postlude. There are tons of options out there, but Charles Callahan and Gerald Near have collections that are very approachable for most organists.
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  • Matilda,

    In many places, people love Gregorian chant hymns and don't know it. You might start there.

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  • Healey Willan also has several books of Gregorian based preludes. These would be only of moderate difficulty, maybe actually easy.
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    The list of chant based materials is nearly endless. Some composers are Jeanne Demessieux, Dupre, Gregory Hamilton, Guilmant, Peeters, and on and on.
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  • Just to recommend the Dupre book again (Eight Short Preludes)--it's very easily obtained for very cheap (saw it on the Alfred website for $6.95), and the pieces are very straightforward.