Chants/Hymns in Honor of St. Blaise
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    Does anyone have knowledge of chants and/or hymns in honor of St. Blaise? I found the following rubric regarding hymns to be sung during the blessing of throats. Does someone possess the music notation for "Salutis Aram Blasius" below?

    During the religious ceremony 3 hymns are sung, among which the following:

    Salutis aram Blasius
    Erexit, aegri accurit,
    Languentiumque Vindici
    Votive donates ponite

    Cuicumque tristis obtinet
    Angina fauces gutturis
    Cui semitam meabilem
    Obex iniquus perstruit

    Hic phamacis mortalibus
    Chrisque spretis advolet
    Potentiore Martiris
    Levandus arte et dextera

    Quam fortis ille et strenuous
    Suos doles pertulit
    Tam mitis et clemens opem
    Fert omnium doloribus

    Invicte Martir, servulos
    Tuos ab Hostes protégé
    Infer salutem corpori
    Refer quietem mentibus

    Sit summa laus et gloria
    Tibi supersedes Trinitas
    Donate precarious Blasio
    Beata nobis gaudia. Amen.
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    Not what you're looking for, but if no one is able to dig this one up, you could probably shoehorn it into a familiar iambic-ish hymn chant melody (with some tied/elided syllables on the irregular 7/9 syllable lines, respectively (though "Votive donates ponite" is tough unless that first e becomes barely vocalized schwa...)).
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    This version might be a little easier to adapt to an 8888 chant.


    1) Salutis aram Blasius
    Erexit: aegri~accurrite,
    Languentium quae vindici
    Votiva dona ponite.

    2) Cuicumque tristis obtinet,
    Angina fauces gutturis,
    Cui semitam meabilem
    Obex iniquus perstruit.

    3) Huc farmacis mortalibus,
    Curisque spretis advolet,
    Potentiore martyris
    Lavandus arte,~et dextera.

    4) Quam fortis ille~et strennuous
    Suos dolores pertulit;
    Tam mitis et clemens opem
    Fert omnium doloribus.

    5) Invicte Martyr servulos
    Tuos ab hoste protege,
    Infer salutem corpori,
    Refer quietem mentibus.

    6) Sit summa laus et gloria
    Tibi, superna Trinitas:
    Dona precante Blasio
    Beata nobis gaudia. Amen.

    NB. I made a couple of corrections after comparing texts. There seem to be three elisions (marked with ~).
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  • It fits nicely with the tune set for the text Jesu Dulcis Memoria.
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