Noveritis/Epiphany Proclamation in the EF
  • rogue63
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    1. Does anyone have a text already set for 2019?
    2. Where in the EF liturgy does the Noveritis take place?

    Thanks for any and all help.
  • Fr. Zuhlsdorf just posted this.
  • CharlesSA
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    Would also be interested in when this could be sung. Fr. Z doesn't mention when. I assume right before Mass? Or I seem to remember Clear Creek doing it right after the Gospel.
  • It’s done after the Gospel.
  • CharlesSA
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    It is supposed to be sung by a particular cleric? Any ceremonial?
  • rollingrj
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    I believe a deacon has first shot at it, since the melody is the same as the beginning of the Exsultet.
  • “After the singing of the Gospel, a Deacon or cantor, in keeping with an ancient practice of Holy Church, announces from the ambo the movable feasts of the current year according to this formula:”
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  • CharlesSA
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    Just to make sure, is that the directive for the Extraordinary Form Mass?

    In my situation, if anyone sings it, it would be me as the only one capable (and willing, except for the hopelessly un-musical priest thankfully agreeing to sing this Mass) of doing so, at least according to the given chant. In the context of the EF Mass, it would seem rather out of place for a lay person in lay dress to come up into the altar area after the singing of the Gospel and sing from the ambo.

    I wish I just knew where to look to find exact directives. I have limited Internet access at that...
  • Ah, my mistake. I used the OF rubrics. Here are the EF:

    “In Epiphania Domini, cantato Evangelio, Archidiaconus, sive aliquis Canonicus, vel Beneficiatus, aut alius, juxta consuetudinem loci, pluviali paratus, ascendet ambonem, vel pulpitum, et ibidem, vel in alio loco ubi cantari solet Evangelium, e vetusto Ecclesiae sanctae instituto publicabit Festa mobilia anni currentis juxta infrascriptam formulam, et diem Synodi dioecesanae suo loco promulgabit, licet in formula infrascripta Dominica secunda post Pascha notata sit.“
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  • In the Extraordinary Form, can the Noveritis be sung by a lay cantor?
  • a_f_hawkins
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    The rubric seems to specify only :-
    That the singer wear a cope, and
    that they stand in ¿a/the? place from which the gospel is usually proclaimed.
    Whether that could be permitted to a lay cantor I have no idea.
  • Hawkins,

    Laymen don't wear copes, and shouldn't stand "in the place from which the Gospel is usually proclaimed". Whether it could be permitted depends on who is being asked.
  • Laymen don't wear copes

    I've seen solemn vespers with six assistants (all lay) in cope; and pontifical Masses where the lay capellani used copes and humeral veils because vimpae were not available. I've also seen 2-3 solemn Masses where the subdeacon was a lay person - wore the tunicle but not the maniple.

    the gospel is usually proclaimed

    To my mind, this would be in the sanctuary or even just outside the sanctuary depending on the space, where the Gospel would be sung by the deacon at a solemn Mass, not on the praedella where it would be done in a sung Mass... so I'm not sure I would see a prohibition on a lay person chanting the Noveritis, although it would be preferable to have it done by the celebrant or one of the ministers.