Vigil of Pentecost + Rite of Marriage (EF)
  • Recently I’ve been asked to direct music for a Rite of Marriage + High Mass in the Extraordinary Form to occur on the Vigil of Pentecost. After doing a fair bit of research and reading, I think I’ve navigated most of the musical pitfalls to be wary of on such occasions as weddings on 1st Class Feasts, however, I do have one unanswered question which I’m hoping someone might be able to answer.

    Since the Nuptial Mass is not permitted on this Feast, and thus the Mass immediately following the Rite of Marriage will be that of the Vigil of Pentecost, is the Vidi Aquam and sprinkling still included between the R of M and Mass?

    My suspicion and research suggests that this is indeed the case and that the only modification to the Mass of the Vigil of Pentecost should be the addition of the Nuptial Blessing (Deus Abraham etc....) in its usual place during Mass, however, I would appreciate feedback and further incites into this query from others more experienced in the complicated balancing act which is EF Weddings on 1st Class Feasts.

    Thank you!
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    If I remember right, the Vidi Aquam (or the Asperges, extra T.P.) is only sung at the principal Mass.
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  • In the EF, the Vidi / Asperges only occurs at the principal Mass of a Sunday... the Vigil of Pentecost is a Saturday, so there would be no Vidi Aquam.

    There are several nuptial blessings during the Mass... after the Pater Noster and after the Ite Missa Est before the last blessing.
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  • Thank you, that makes sense. Would this also apply to the Creed? I thought I read in the Introduction to the Missal that the Gloria and Creed are both included for 1st Class Feasts, however, I could see where the Feast being not on a Sunday could change the inclusion of the Creed as well.
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    From the Latin Mass society of England and Wales ordo. I will assume this is 1962 rubrics, it is complicated if you use the earlier!

    Vigil of Pentecost 1st Class, Red vestments
    Gloria no Creed Preface of the Holy Ghost, Proper Communication, Proper Hanc.
  • The Vigil of Pentecost is listed as a 2nd Class on the Divinum Officium site, but I think that is a mistake: Put in the date for the vigil (6/8/2019) and click the link for Propers to see the Mass. My 1960 breviary shows it as a 1st Class. Regardless of classification, it is clear that all is as TomJaw says above; Gloria, no Credo; Preface of the Holy Ghost; Proper Communicatio; Proper Hanc Igitur - to which would be added the nuptial blessings. The Liber shows it this way as do the Propers from the site above.

    It doesn't appear to follow the rubrics governing the Creed ( rubrics.html) although perhaps that might be because it is a First Class vigil, though it seems that should be mentioned in the rubrics. You can see the rules for the Creed in section F - # 475 and 476.
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    The Cantius Ordo for 2019 lists the Vigil of Pentecost as 1st cl., White (offices prior to the Mass); Red (for the Mass), with Gloria, no Creed, with the Holy Ghost preface. Would this mean the wedding is celebrated in white vestments?
  • No - it would be the color of the Mass. The vigil is simply replacing the nuptial, but the color would be that of the Mass in either case.
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  • Thanks for the divinumofficium bug report. Fixed.
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