Ave vivens hostia
  • Does anyone here sing Ave vivens hostia? If so, to which tune? I'd like to sing it to a Gregorian chant hymn tune, but I suppose I could settle for PASSION CHORALE if I had to. The meter is 76 76 D, the text is:

    1. Ave, vivens hostia,
        Veritas et vita,
        In qua sacrificia
        Cuncta sunt finita,
        Per te patri gloria
        Datur infinita,
        Per te stat ecclesia
        Iugiter munita.

    2. Ave, vas clementiae,
        Scrinium dulcoris,
        In quo sunt deliciae
        Caelici saporis,
        Veritas substantiae
        Tota salvatoris,
        Sacramentum gratiae,
        Pabulum amoris.
    3. Ave, manna caelicum
        Verius legali,
        Datum in viaticum
        Misero mortali,
        Medicamen mysticum
        Morbo spiritali,
        Morte dans catholicum
        Vitae immortali.

    More information at https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ave_vivens_hostia&prev=search

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    If you're in the mood for a jaunty tune, this melody comes to mind. If I'm remembering it right, it's from the Christmas hymn "Hodie progreditur", as performed on an old album by John Blackley and Schola Antiqua.
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  • A nice tune, Chonak.
    That metronime marking is 'jaunty' indeed - but
    I don't believe that it has to be 'jaunty'.
    It sounds very nice with the text sung almost slowly, at a very deliberate pace.
  • You buried the lede, Ryan: there's a Rheinberger setting. :-)
    Yes, I know, not what you were looking for. A setting of this (not Rheinberger, right now) would make a dandy Communion motet for my group, especially since it's not either Tantum ergo or O salutaris.
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    PASSION CHORALE is indeed 76.76.D but iambic (stress on even numbered syllables in each line), not trochaic (stress on odd numbered syllables in each line), and Ave vivens hostia is clearly not iambic. ST KEVIN ("Come, ye faithful, raise the strain") or GUADEAMUS PARITER (a.k.a. AVE VIRGO VIRGINEM) might work, almost surely better than TEMPUS AD EST FLORIDUM ("Good King Wenceslaus looked out").
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    The text has indeed been set to ST KEVIN GAUDEAMUS PARITER (correction) ... Jeff Ostrowski even recorded it.

    Here is my own setting to a new 76. 76. D (trochaic) tune which I've named AVE VIVENS HOSTIA (not surprisingly!), that is adapted from "Straf mich nicht" (a.k.a. Würtemburg) by Johann Rosenmüller. This is, as it were, "hot off the presses" and represents a single preliminary harmonization. More will be forthcoming, but it's usable as it is, albeit perhaps a bit more elaborate (with the moving inner parts) than a "hymnal version" would be. A quick look at the alto part will reveal that, in addition to no parallel fifths, there are no parallel fourths with the soprano part, which makes for an easy "alto up an octave" descant ... also, the alto part in this harmonization moves only by seconds (when it moves, which is rather often)! Rather late in the game of preparing this preliminary version, I set that as a requirement. Other settings will not have these features.

    I hope you like it. It was fun to dash off in a couple of days (really only one full day plus a little more).
  • A lovely tune, Charles, and I find your style of harmonization so much more interesting than the boilerplate "textbook" versions that so often are the only ones promulgated.
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    I like it to WEIMAR from 1940 hymnal, rather than AVE VIRGO VIRGINUM. Less jaunty
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    The Knox translation of this hymn is often set to Ave Virgo virginum, which I find a bit too enthusiastic for the sentiments. I like it to WEIMAR from the 1940 hymnal.
  • Also works fairly well with Christus Der Uns Selig Macht, by Weisse
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    AVE CAELI JANUA is iambic 76. 76 - not trochaic - and the iambic text sounds awkward to that tune. WEIMAR is a good fit. I agree that AVE VIRGO VIRGINUM has the wrong feel. Christus der uns selig macht fits, but seems to me to be a little "heavy" sounding.

    Actually, I'm liking my setting of it more and more.

  • All right, Charles! Many thanks. World premiere (?!?) on Sunday!
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    Thank you, Ryan!! It will be an honour. If, perchance it is recorded, I'd love a copy. Thanks again!
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    Here is the tune Ave Vivens Hostia with H.T. Henry's translation of the text: "Hail, Thou Living Victim Blest".
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