• Hi all, I am graduating here in Ireland with a BATh (Theology and Music) and part of a pontifical university so we are to have sacred music at this ceremony. I need ideas for a short, high energy anthem. Please!
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    Will the ceremony take place during the Easter season?
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    Mozart's Jubilate Deo springs to mind
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    I bet you say the Little Preludes and Fugues are by Krebs, too!
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  • https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=god+of+our+fathers+hymn&&view=detail&mid=E5BFBDEDDB7FB0BBFF18E5BFBDEDDB7FB0BBFF18&&FORM=VDRVRV

    I realize that this is written for the U.S., but I didn't see anything that wouldn't be applicable to Ireland... Just a thought.
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    Yikes, incardination! No D flats, please, in measure 14.
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  • Quite right, Father. Don't know where I picked that up from. Thank you!

  • I bet you say...
    I do.

    'God of Our Fathers' is one of the awful things in the 1940.
    I have always considered it an embarrassment.
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    I use it for Fourth of July and some years, Memorial Day. It is one of two patriotic hymns in our hymnal. Seems like this year we didn't do anything patriotic for Memorial Day because of solemnities that took precedence. As hymns go it beats the pants off of "Gather Us In."
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    Jackson would probably prefer to sing "Rule, Britannia," although political correctness has weakened 'Britannia' to the point it can barely rule itself these days. Could be too many musty Anglicans, but even they don't believe in much any more.

    Our hymnal has the two patriotic hymns, "God of Our Fathers," and one based on "Findlandia." The national anthem is not there, as it is in many hymnals. Really limits my choices for anything patriotic. Add to that the fact that I will not bump a solemnity for patriotic holidays.
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  • I am new to The Forum. I have enjoyed it for years and read it daily. For full disclosure, I am an Episcopalian and have played and directed choir at St Jude's Episcopal in Walterboro, SC, since 1988. The suggestion of using "God of our fathers" interested me. It is not a favorite hymn of mine and we might sing it as a recessional once a year. If it is ever used, please find free harmonizations and add some dissonance to the trumpet fanfares suggested in many hymnal. An aunt sang with her college choir at various churches in upstate SC. For three years in a row, they visited a small protestant church which programmed "God of our fathers" each time. The hymn score included the trumpets with bracketed instructions of (Trumpets in unison). The Furman University Chorale snickered each time as the congregation actually sang: "Trumpets in unison" before verses. In regards to Graduation, I would suggest Mark Schweizer's "Prayer of Saint Patrick'" or "God be in my head." Very elegant and brief. They are available at Saint James Music Press. (I am not on here to plug Schweizer or SJMP.)
    Sincerely, David Martin
  • PS My ancestors were founding families of two Roman Catholic parishes: Mother of Sorrows, 1902, Apache, OK, and Saint Patrick's Church, St Patrick, MO. St Patrick's is now a shrine.
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  • Cesarfranck,

    Welcome to the commenting part of the Forum.

    Since your family members (now, presumably deceased) were founding families of two Catholic parishes, perhaps you would honor your family by becoming Catholic?
  • I have considered that and it is not out of question. Thanks
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    I have always thought God of our Fathers to be the perfect non-territorial “patriotic” hymn. As long as you consider your country to be a “free land,” then the text is applicable. It is nationalisticalky vague, while hitting theological points any country can be concerned about.
    It also gets points in my book for being a hymn you can’t half-sing, like so much contemporary rep. It’s an all or nothing proposition.

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    My experience of graduations in the UK suggests that patriotic hymns don't appear; in fact even the National anthem isn't always sung. Most Brits tend to shy away from displays of patriotism except at the last night of the Proms. I'm not sure if it's the same in Ireland.
    Anyhow, the request was for something sacred. As a hymn I'd recommend 'Thy hand, O God, has guided'. Tune: Thornbury. Really rousing.
    Choir things: Michael Haydn Laetatus sum.
    Mendelssohn Lauda Sion (maybe a bit long)
    Handel Hallelujah Chorus (well, why not)
    or easier and shorter, Pitoni Cantate Domino canticum novum
    I'd also second the Mozart Jubilate, even if he didn't write it.
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  • Around here, our homeschool group sings "The Strife is O'er, the Battle Done".

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    For sheer over-the-top dramatics, Warren Martin’s “Anthem of Dedication” can’t be beat, a ginormous hymn anthem, for double choir, soloist, and organ. It’s concluded every graduation at Westminster Choir College since the mid-50s.


    Whom shall we send? And who will go for us?
    Here am I, Lord, send me.

    Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee; Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my lips, and let them be fill’d with messages from Thee, Take my voice, and let me sing always, only, for my King.
    Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of Thy love; Take my feet, and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee. Take my will, and make it Thine: It shall be no longer mine. Take my heart; it is Thine own: It shall be Thy royal throne. Take my love; my Lord, I pour at Thy feet its treasurestore. Take myself, and I will be ever, only all for Thee.

    O Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; Be Thou forever near me, my Master and my Friend; I shall not fear the battle if Thou art by my side, nor wander from the pathway if Thou wilt be my guide. O Jesus, Thou hast promised to all who follow Thee, That where Thou are in glory there shall Thy servant
    be; and, Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; O give me grace to follow, my Master and my Friend. Amen

    With four hundred music students singing together, it’s a massive moment, but probably too long for any other occasion.
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    "Anthem of Dedication" is a beautiful set of lyrics. It struck me that for the right person, it would be marvelous at a funeral, as a sort of musical eulogy. I am sure someone will correct me and say it is inappropriate.
  • I'm partial to Chesterton's "O God of Earth and Altar".
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    Alas, our local university, founded 1495, sings only 'Gaudeamus Igitur'.