Early Post-Vatican II English Masses (1965 Missal) - WANTED
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    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had their hands on a copy of any of the English Masses written directly after Vatican II. In particular, I'm looking for the following:
    "English Mass" - Anton Heiler
    "Mass to Honor St. Cecilia" - Hermann Schroeder

    If there are any other Masses in a similar style to these two using that translation that you have and would recommend, please let me know. My director is possibly looking at adapting these to the RM3 translation, and he said that it doesn't look like it would be too hard.

    Also, if anyone has a copy of Leo Nestor's "Mass for the Parishes", or at least of the Kyrie, please let me know as well.
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    Theodore Marier included the Kyrie, Gloria and Sanctus (I am using the standard Latin Mass monikers merely for ease of reference) parts of the Anton Heiller at ##43, 44 and 45, and the Schroeder Sanctus at #47, in his hymnal, Hymns Psalms and Spiritual Canticles (the 1983 second edition). The copyright for both English Masses was with Summy-Birchard Music. The Schroeder in particular was formerly regularly used for many years at St Paul's in Cambridge (but the hymnal was euthanized a few years ago, but that's another topic altogether).
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  • There was a nice one called 'Chant Mass of the Fathful'.
    I don't remember who composed-arranged it, or who published it, but it was quite nice.
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  • The era of tasteful, spiritual vernacular English Masses may be showing a return!
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  • At the risk of, well, the obvious, what springs most quickly to mind is Joe Master's 1967 Jazz Mass. I have long been haunted by the Agnus Dei [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma5c_mxX3vA], sadly edited (sans second petition) to fit on the LP. On the other hand, the Credo [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRpKco72Z70] is pretty darn cringe-worthy.
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    I've got to say, the credo put a smile on my face. A cringy sort of smile, but still a smile.
  • To be honest, that Jazz Mass doesn't grind my gears nearly as much as the contemporary stuff by Haugen/Haas/the likes. At least it's immaculately put together and doesn't seem nearly as lazy as the more recent stuff.

    Might be schlock, but at least it's sophisticated schlock.
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    Well RR, at least Master's opus, unlike others' (cough...cough....Brubeck....cough), actually is jass muzick! Where's Guaraldi when I need 'im?