Music for the Baptismal Acclamations?
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    The Rite of Baptism for Children gives several acclamations, including ones derived from ancient ecclesiastical sources. Does anyone know of melodies/settings that have been composed for these, or sung texts/hymns similar to or inspired by them?


    239 We believe in you, Lord Jesus Christ.
    Fill our hearts with your radiance,
    and make us the children of light!

    In te credimus, Christe: tuum cordibus lumen infunde, ut lucis filii efficiamur.

    240 We come to you, Lord Jesus.
    Fill us with your life,
    make us children of the Father,
    and one in you.
    Ad te venimus, Domine: tuam nimis vitam largire, ut adoptionis filii in te evadamus.

    241 Lord Jesus, from your wounded side
    flowed streams of cleansing water:
    the world was washed of all its sin,
    all life made new again!

    E latere tuo, Christe, fons aquae prorupit, quo abluuntur mundi sordes et vita renovatur.

    242 The Father’s voice calls us above the waters,
    the glory of the Son shines on us,
    the love of the Spirit fills us with life.
    Super aquas Patris vox advocat, gloria Filii refulget, et Spiritus Sancti caritas vivificat.

    243 Holy Church of God, stretch out your hand
    and welcome your children
    newborn of water
    and of the Spirit of God.

    Ecclesia sancta, manus extende et natos illos suscipe, quos ex aquis regenerat Sanctus Dei Spiritus.

    244 Rejoice, you newly baptized,
    chosen members of the kingdom.
    Buried with Christ in death,
    you are reborn in him by faith.

    Gaudete, baptizati, electa vasa regni, in morte consepulti, Christi fide renati.

    245 This is the fountain of life,
    water made holy by the suffering of Christ,
    washing all the world.
    You who are washed in this water
    have hope of heaven’s kingdom.

    Fons hic est vitae, qui totum deluit orbem, sumens de Christi vulnere principium. Caelorum regnum sperate, hoc fonte renati.
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    Hillert's "Lord Jesus, from your wounded side" is in most, if not all, of the GIA hymnals.

    I've used a couple of these acclamations in a sprinkling rite i've done, but other than that, I can't think of anything.
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    Leo Nestor's "I Saw Water" sets no. 241 as the last two stanzas. Other than that I've got nothing on these.
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    In 1981 ICEL and GIA publications released ICEL Resource Collection, 250 Hymns in the Public Domain, 106 settings of music for the Rites of the Church. Eight of the antiphons have been set beautifully.
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    Thank you all for the links!

    Paul, I will check out the ICEL Resource Collection. Would you happen to know if any of the 8 antiphons are from the non-Scriptural texts given above?

    I have the tune of "As many of you" from the Byzantine liturgy [there are some advantages to be multi-ritual!], although I remember hearing over a decade ago a (Latin) version (with English psalm versions) put out by Aristotle A. Esguerra on his old website.

    The "Holy Church of God" is abbreviated from a longer Syriac baptismal text, but the tune doesn't work well with the English.

    Among other thematically similar texts that I have begun to use (in translation) is: "Isti sunt agni novelli".....I would love to find other similar pieces.
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    The following acclamations for baptism are present in the ICEL Resource Collection:
         » Blessed be God who chose you in Christ (nos. 259 and 260)
         » You are God's work of art... (no. 261)
         » All of you are one: united in Christ Jesus. (no. 262)
         » Rejoice, you newly baptized... (no. 263)
         » This is our Faith... (no. 264)
         » You have put on Christ... (no. 265)
         » We come to you, Lord Jesus. (no. 266)

    In addition, one could always set antiphons 2–5 of the Sprinkling Rite during Easter Time (from the Roman Missal) to a psalm tone, with organ accompaniment. Using a more modern tone (Conception Abbey, Meinrad, Bévenot, etc.) would work nicely, in my mind. You could sing verses of Psalm 117 (Confitémini Dómino) with one of the antiphons.

    For a Latin chant, the Graduale Simplex has a nice setting of antiphon 3 (cf. Dn. 3:77, 79). It should also be sung with Psalm 117. (see attachment)

    I should also mention that the late Fr. Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO composed some very beautiful antiphons for the Sprinkling Rite that would work well for baptisms. They are available from WLP/J.S. Paluch (product no. 005260). His "All You Who Have Been Baptized" would certainly be appropriate. There is some sample audio available here and some sample pages here.
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