Help with translation
  • Does anyone have a metrical English translation of Auctor salutis unice? I need it for a project. Thanks for any help!


    1. Auctor salutis unice,
    mundi redemptor inclite,
    rex, Christe, nobis annue
    crucis fecundæ gloriam.

    2. Tu morte mortem diruens
    vitamque vita largiens,
    mortis ministrum subdolum
    deviceras diabolum.

    3. Piis amoris artibus
    somno sepulcri traditus,
    sedes recludis infer
    patresque dicis liberos.

    4. Nunc in Parentis dextera
    sacrata fulgens víctima,
    audi, precamur, vivido
    tuo redemptos sanguine,

    5. Quo te diebus omnibus
    puris sequentes moribus,
    adversus omnes impetus
    crucis feramus labarum.

    6. Patri, tibi, Paraclito
    sit æqua, Iesu, gloria,
    qui nos crucis victoria
    concedis usque perfrui.
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    There is one in this book: Lauda Syon on page 150 or thereabouts.
  • What a cool book! Many thanks!!
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  • Anyone know of a pdf? I see it is in Google books, but can't download it for some reason.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    No unfortunately. Does your browser cooperate with the captcha check to see if you are a real person?
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    GoogleBooks interface changed again?

    Use link given above by a_f_hawkins
    Mouse over EBOOK - FREE (a floating box appears)
    Mouse over Download PDF and click
    Capcha page appears (fill in the blank)
    Save the pdf file
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  • It worked, thanks @eft94530!
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  • Or, go to the button (with gear-looking logo) in the top right corner and click "Download PDF" from dropdown menu.
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