help recalling the title of a children's music method
  • I was at the Winter Colloquium and was told of a program for teaching church music to children. The program was described as not specifically Catholic, but used successfully by some Catholic churches as well as some 'high church' Episcopal or Anglican churches, and 'very good'. That's all I have to go on, but hoping that somebody can guess it from that desription, as I've lost the piece of paper on which I wrote the name.

    It was not specifically chant-directed (not Words with Wings, which I have, and not Ward).
  • RSCM, perhaps?
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    Voice for Life. Excellent vocal pedagogy.

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  • @Chris Garton-Zavesky -- bingo! Thank you!

    (Edit: I guess this should have been in the 'Children' section -- sorry; didn't know it existed...)
  • Michael,

    You're most welcome. I used some clues to find it:

    1) not specifically Catholic [but, by extension, excellent for Catholic parishes]
    2) high church Anglican [even the snobbish Episcopalians use Anglican resources from time to time; I trained as a little boy on the RSCM program]
    3) teaching music to children [see parentheticals to #2]

    I highly recommend the RSCM program.
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  • I have all the voices for life stuff and there is much of use there, but I still vastly prefer the Ward method material. But I borrowed the Awards idea from voices for life and some of the structure to put together the jubilate deo awards which my choirs now receive,
    see here
  • There's also the little-known offshoot school called the Burt Ward Method. Designed to make your young men into Boy Wonders in no time. Its two primary texts are the Teacher's Guide Words With Nightwings and the Workbook Holy Quilisma, Batman!
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  • Lol!