• This is only the first half (given that there are 14 verses), but I hope it's straightforward enough to be helpful. I wrote it as a Christmas present for one of my boys.
  • Admirable, Chris!
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    This is lovely!
  • Thank you, gentlemen.

    I'm hoping that posting it here will allow it to be sung.

  • jefe
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    Chris, very nice indeed! Trading off the tune in voices; not too many passing tones to get in the way; harmonization marries well with the text; appropriate key. All is good. The Sop. voice is not so high that my counter tenors can handle it with the all-men Compline Choir.
  • Jefe,

    If this means you might attempt it, do send me word, and a recording if possible.