Hymn suggestions for the Easter season
  • CharlesW
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    Easter? What's all this talk about Easter? This is as bad as Christmas music before Halloween. LOL.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    Cecilia27 - Here, which is on the CMAA site.
    Go to the home page choose 'music pdfs', go to the end of 'basic latin settings' click the 'Latin settings' link, scroll down to Laudes Festivae, under 'additional chant ... EF'. It's #36 in the book (262 of the pdf), to understand it you need a key to the signs, which is in the intro page xvi and onwards (in Latin/Italian). Apologies if that is too much detail.
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    I have composed and arranged numerous hymns spanning the church's liturgical year and for all age groups. Please see my website for more info at www.NewHeartMusic.net and listen to a partial listing of my hymns at www.hymntime.com or copy and paste the following link to access my page on that website:

    Also, I have choral works posted there as well as organ instrumental music.
  • swerdswerd
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    Also, all my music is considered public domain and therefore is free to copy and use for worship or devotions with no alterations. All other rights remain reserved.