Selner responsorial psalm antiphons
  • The paperback Saint Joseph Sunday Missal, published yearly, features musically notated antiphons for the responsorial psalms, composed by John Selner. Does anyone know the source for these antiphons? Are they a part of some collection, or in a hymnal? Are psalm tones associated with these antiphons?

    I've seen them in these little missals for years, and I've always wondered about them. Just curious - thanks!
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    rrobbins, I've been watching this thread, hoping for an answer, too. A lot of folks at my parish use the St. Joseph missal. I figure singing those Selner antiphons might be a wise "first step" away from the Alstott "Respond & Acclaim" settings.

  • I am glad someone else has wondered about this!
  • I have been looking for an accompaniment edition for the Selner antiphons as printed in the St. Joseph Sunday Missal as well as his pointing of the psalms and with good fortune an accompaniment edition. I have written to Catholic Book Publishing asking for any information they might have. Or, if anyone else may have up to date info, I would appreciate hearing. I have just this week started to look and realize someone may already have done the ground work of searching.
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    A few years ago the same question was posed on this forum; unfortunately, to no avail:

    What psalm settings does the annual New St. Joseph Sunday Missal use?