Choral Menagerie : Sunset - Twilight - Dusk : by Koerber
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    I like it. Sort of like Verklarte Nacht, but for choir. Would love to have a clarinet choir arrangement for that. We would probably program it (I'm in a community group), and colleges would probably like to have it as well.
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    originally composed for double trios (strings and woods), I will try to set an arrangement for you.
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    I really enjoyed this, a lovely idea, nicely developed I listened to it all the way through. Very well beautifully done. I might agree with other posters, in that it cd be arranged for other groups, string orch., brass choir.
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    Here is the original arrangement of this piece which I mentioned above... it is taken from my Teton Wilderness Suite (seven movements) and is scored for strings and woods.

    The title of this movement is Sunset/Twilight/Dusk. The different times occur here:

    Sunset - 0 - 1:47
    Twilight - 1:48 - 2:28
    Dusk - 2:29 - 4:25

    I worked the tempi and dynamics to give this simulation a more human feel.

    listen to a simulation in Garageband

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    I purchased a sound library with much better sounds (still a simulacrum, mind you purists (MJO)), but a much more "authentic" (if there can be such a thing) simulation. Click the link just above this post. You may have to clear your cache or you may hear the old sound file. This is the KirkStudio sound library. (found here:

    I intend to use the simulation to shop orchestras for the premiere of all seven movements.


    A few years ago the Grand Teton Music Festival offered to premiere (I believe it was) Morning on July 4 at Music in the Hole... a tradition here in Jackson, and stupid me said 'no', as I wanted the premiere to include all the movements. I should have let them go ahead and do the one movement. Hence why an artist should always have an agent to represent him/herself so as not to make dumb decisions.