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    Invitatory Books, used at the monastic Office of Invitatory Books, used at the monastic Office of Matins. The tones and antiphons vary according to feast and season and are of a genre different from any other Chant Book. The melodies are ancient but timeless. Those of us who have sung them (at 2am in the morning) can testify that they are unforgettable.

    The Abbey is renovating and is reclaiming space, making these books available.

    These books appear to all be new and unused.


  • Read revised message above.
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    Is it possible to use one copy to make a pdf scan? And then make it available on the CMAA website?
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  • I am confused.
    What do you mean by 'set'?
    Are there 50 copies of one title?
    Or is there a multiple volumed 'set'.
    I definitely want one copy of THE Invitatory.
    'Where do we go from here?'
  • I would never copy and post a PDF without notice of permission from the original copyright holder. Feel free to pursue that if you like.
  • Please read the original post at the top - it has been revised to reflect the interest in purchasing individual books.
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    Posts like these hook collectors like me. Anxiously awaiting arrival!
  • I was trying to order one of these but am having trouble jumping through pay pal's loops.
    Save one for me.
  • This book looks to be largely the same material as that found on p. 374-435 of the Cantus Varii (1928) scanned HERE. However, from the photos Noel has provided, it seems that there may have been a couple of additions made between 1948 and the original 1928 date.
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  • Noel:

    Can you elaborate for us, as to what else was sung with these at 2am in the morning, given that the rest of Matins is not included in this book?
  • No. 2am is not an hour that I am familiar with!

    The order sent these to me as a gift (they are very busy with the renovation) and I decided to sell them and send them the proceeds.

    After the renovation is complete, possibly you could pose the question to them!
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  • Anyone preferring to mail a check with $3 for postage and a donation of at least $10 for each book, will get a book mailed back as long as they remain available.

    Make the check out to me.

    Noel Jones, 636 Old 19, Augusta, KY 41002
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    Can you elaborate for us, as to what else was sung with these at 2am in the morning, given that the rest of Matins is not included in this book?

    Hmm, we would like to sing Matins but we don't want to spend 3 hours in the cold... I know we could sing the Invitatory, and use our Breviaries for the rest Recto tono, and be back in bed within 1½ hours.

    Or perhaps this only applied to the English Benedictine Congregation. N.B. Many people thought the E.B.C. stood for Every Bodily Comfort!
  • On a few occasions, I have used an invitatory antiphon and a couple of verses (Gloria Patri) as a processional for a TLM where I used to sing. The Easter invitatory--Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia--is a favorite of mine, so we used that during Easter season. At this particular venue, a Latin processional was expected before the Asperges.
  • Would you ship out of the USA?
  • Sure! Contact me directly at
  • Noel, I am having problems ordering. All I get when I click on the link is the description. Are any left?
  • Ah, the wonders of the working of the internet!

    Direct link to purchase page.
  • Noel, using a different browser I was able to find the link last night. Thanks for the link.
  • Noel, I just got mine in! Thanks! Have to say that Noel ROCKS!!!!!!
  • You are too kind! Thanks!
  • Hello noel, is it possible to send a few volumes to Germany? Thank you in advance
  • Hello Noel, do you have any more invitatory books left? Thanks! Fr Benedict, Silverstream Priory, Ireland
  • Dombenedict,

    Yes. Sorry for the slow response. Email me directly at