What do you need?
  • Let's say you're an indifferent composer, at best. Let's say you're not in a position to be writing any checks for the near future. Let's say you're raring to go, in awe of the resources available at this and related sites, and stunned by the generosity. Let's say you're more than ready to help.

    What does the CMAA need? What do forum readers need?

    Maybe we could maintain a list of understaffed projects and pool our resources. I, for one, would be delighted to contribute. I doubt I'm alone.

    Perhaps ye learned need hands for your projects.

    Things we might be able to offer:

    Html? LaTeX? Copyediting? Proofreading? Library research? Typing up text currently only preserved in image files, or running and correcting OCR on PDFs?

    Typing up the melodies of the Graduale in some preferred musical encoding scheme? Typing up the texts of the Graduale in some neutral electronic format? Marking up the text with accents, or otherwise meaningful information?

    Do scholas need help with their websites? Do music directors need resources to help them with technology (explanations of how to make email lists, how to maintain an online calendar for your group, how to use you tube to help your singers learn music, how to make practice tapes, etc.)? Do parishes need help creating useful records of their music programs, to make things easier from year to year?

    Any long, tedious tasks?

    Anything I'm not thinking of?
  • Kathy
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    I need three months in a monastery.

    Rebecca, this is a generous and useful suggestion, and I do think that keeping a list of needs is actually the first task. Does this sound right? Could your first project be developing a database of projects?
  • This forum is a great place to offer those skills for the betterment of all. I know I have often asked for help for various things and the forum members have been unfailingly generous with taking the time to answer my (sometimes very basic) questions. Perhaps now that you have made the offer for a whole range of other things, there will be more requests for specific assistance...

    Thanks for your offer to help!

    PS. If you aren't already leading or a member of a schola... one of the best things you could do for the universal Church is to start one and share your knowledge in your little corner of the world!
  • It helps for a starting schola if you can get a Mass...even a weekday Mass, which becomes yours to sing. It helps center the group to have someplace and something to sing right away.
  • Might something like this work for a database of projects? It's a very basic website powered by google sites, provisionally called, "The Sacred Musician's Wish List." http://sites.google.com/site/sacredmusicwishes

    The idea would be to introduce projects here, on the forum, and use the wish list as a place to work out the nitty gritties. You can list projects, break them into arbitrary numbers of component tasks, volunteer for tasks that suit you, and post different elements or unfinished files on private, selectively shared, or public Project Pages. It's not constructed for conversation or asking questions, but for getting things done.

    Let me know if you think it's worth developing.

    I'm belatedly recognizing the foolhardiness of jumping into this immediately prior to Holy Week (laugh!). As if any one has time to think about projects just now!

    Thanks Kathy for suggesting the database, and thanks Janet and Frogman for suggesting attention to local scholas. I think a schola may have to wait for a different year :-)
  • chonakchonak
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    I would really love for someone to help me form a non-profit group. We would like to form a group called "Musica Sacra Sugar Land" so we can write grants. Could you add this to your list?
  • Rebecca--

    I think that your website is a fantastic idea. My web project is sacredmusicproject.com and I have done most of the work that you see by myself in conjunction with a few of the monks of St. Meinrad. I have a pile of chants from Fr. Columba Kelly that need to be formatted and arranged in booklets for download. If I had a team of people who would be willing to help with this work so much more would get done, and more quickly.

    I'm resonating with your comment about the impending Holy Week, myself, and hope to chat more with you in another week or so! But I think that your thoughts are right on and I see the incredible value in pooling the time, talent and energy of willing sacred music devotees for the propagation of free sacred music resources. I firmly believe that this is a critical piece in the future of sacred music--And this is why, in part, I even began my own project.
  • RobertRobert
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    If I had the time, I would prepare Sunday (second) Vespers for the entire 3-year cycle, based on the Ordo Cantus Oficii (perhaps subbing in appropriate antiphons from the Antiphonale Monasticum where the official antiphon is unavailable) and with the psalms pointed as in the Liber.

    Fr. Thompson, O.P. has been doing something like this but it's in Dominican chant (some important differences from current Gregorian practice). His work could be used as a model.

    Someone should take this on...
  • Thanks, Chonak, for the reference! Presuming, Jeffrey, that you are still unhappy with your own results: If someone wanted to have a go at designing a poster, where can they get a high-resolution copy of the angel and scroll graphic? And are Roseanne Sullivan's pictures from last year distributable?

    Adam, I would love to chat about your/Fr. Columbia Kelly's/the monks' project when you have more time. It seems the exact sort of thing that could benefit from some extra hands. (Indeed, my own interest is piqued.) Are you using Gregorio for the typesetting?

    Robert, based on how often questions about the Liturgy of the Hours pop up on the forum, the need for Sunday Vespers service aids such as you describe seems clear. Since you say you haven't the time to take it up yourself (understandably... it's a huge undertaking!), might you have time to provide the liturgical expertise needed to guide a less experienced volunteer? Say, typing up a trustworthy list of which texts would be needed for each of the Sundays of this year between Pentecost and Christ the King, or for Advent? That would be enough to get somebody started on the next steps: getting the texts in a useful format, and locating music. If we break it into tiny enough pieces, then we may not have to wait for someone to come along who has all the expertise, all the free time, and the dogged willingness required to accomplish it alone.

    Ghmus7: Music Sacra sugar....wha??
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Interesting start, Rebecca. Here's an idea...

    I've observed that MOST of the time nobody wants to just flat-out volunteer to solve a problem by themselves, especially if a task is fairly sizeable. Instead, what happens is that a group of people congregate around an idea (and maybe a few beers) and the energy created from that conversation helps people to build the courage to help out. It's the diversity of the group and the combination of energy that makes things happen.

    So on your list, would it be possible for people to express a tentative interest and then pull together a group discussion?

    That's a lot of what appears to be happening here in the Forum, but it doesn't always drive toward a specific result - which is where the tie-in to your list can be quite helpful.
  • Adam,

    Your work is appreciated...nice site and very useful.
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    I still feel that someone needs to be contacting Seminaries and making sure they are aware of what CMAA offers, and making sure they receive the CMAA journal.

    The reason is, I don't see how the Sacred music movement can make ANY headway without the support of priests.
  • Thanks for the insight, Carl D. I agree that the language I used implied a much higher degree of commitment than I had intended. I think you're absolutely right that energy and spark is one of the best parts of this forum, and any database should only be to keep track what we are discussing here. A list certainly doesn't get me fired up :-) I removed a few of the columns from the list, added a paragraph about no-strings attached questions to both the Project List and the Contribute pages, and explained that names are listed to facilitate discussion, not to bind anybody. I also changed the "Requested by" column to "Suggested by."

    Do you think that "friendly's" it up enough?

    Making a non-intimidating, low-commitment way to help out should probably be the main goal of any database or to-do list. So many of these projects are enormous... if we don't break them down into little bite-sized tasks, then extraordinary generosity, free time, or expertise will be needed to get them done.
  • Added to the wish list:

    a colloquium poster-- a) recommend a design; b) produce pdfs

    potential seminary communications--
    a) recommend the extent to which seminaries can be contacted, without alarming our Ordinary Bishops
    b) suggest a table of contents for both electronic and print communication packets

    English vespers resources (a gentle start to the project)--
    a) suggest the best place to locate the proper texts;
    b) when asked, offer confirmation that someone has found the correct texts, and has put them in the right order
  • G
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    potential seminary communications--
    a) recommend the extent to which seminaries can be contacted, without alarming our Ordinary Bishops

    At the membership meeting at the last Colloquium I asked what could be done in this regard and i think the answer was virtually nothing -- we have to "go through" the bishops.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • chonakchonak
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    Well, CMAA ought to "go through" somebody who has responsibility for seminarians' liturgical and musical formation. That's not just the bishop, but also the rector and the music director.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Jeff O: "Seminaries ... making sure they receive the CMAA journal"

    I know CMAA promotes "parish" subscriptions (have any subscribed as such?).
    How about promoting "library" subscriptions?
    Do libraries accept "gift" subscriptions?

    How many seminaries are in the USA?
    Is there a way to correlate the seminary locations and their libraries?

    Maybe we can provide a donation option for members to subsidize a seminary library subscription.
    The journal should be on the periodical rack alongside
    America, Worship, Ministry and Liturgy, ...

    What about college and university music department libraries?
    The journal should be on the periodical rack alongside
    Diapason, TAO, ...
  • priorstf
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    eft - A few years ago I requested and quickly received a listing of US seminaries from CMAA indicating those who were and were not yet receiving Sacred Music. They accepted my contribution allowing me to specify which seminaries to include. (I chose several feeding our diocese.) It was quick, easy, and I like to think a benefit to those seminaries.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    did the libraries accept the gift subscriptions?

    I think this is wonderful.
  • priorstf
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    I sure hope so Jeff. My check cleared the bank! :-) And in fact, one of the seminaries has since started offering Latin classes, something that it had not done in a decade. Perhaps not in direct response to Sacred Music the Magazine, but nobody has denied it!
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I really feel like we all need to do this.

    I would be willing to get a subscription for a seminary, especially if we were all on some kind of "campaign"
  • ghmus7
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    I really think someone ought to go the NPM convention and have a booth for CMAA. I would be willing if possible. GH
  • Carl DCarl D
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    I like the improvement, Rebecca, but note that the right column is still blank. :-) I suppose the way that might get filled in is as a result of discussion threads here on the forum, where people have the opportunity to ask questions and ponder how they might contribute.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Rebecca: "melodies of the Graduale in some preferred musical encoding scheme?

    My 1980s UNIX memories went color-3-d when I read Pes
    way back at

    Better than getting dozens of people to do data entry
    would be getting dozens of people to use an OCR tool to scan squarenotes
    and produce the text files.

    Given the many scores at
    the Pes possibilities are endless:
    compares or side-by-side-diffs
    find your earworm melodic fragment everywhere in the Graduale in all editions
    create a 3-d map showing all chants, with fragments connected to matching fragments

    So, somebody please create that OCR tool
    so we can make the files to input into other
    yet-to-be-created tools!
  • A volunteer for designing/photoshopping a Colloquium poster has officially been obtained! Details to be posted later, along with other updates.

    Happy Easter everyone. Christ is risen!