Simple Latin Propers for Corpus Christi (OF)?
  • Could anyone point me to a simple Latin setting of the Offertory (Portas Caeli) and Communion (Qui Manducat) for Corpus Christi in the OF? I've sourced an Introit from the Graduale Parvum. There are of course antiphons from the Graduale Simplex, but I'm trying to use the prescribed texts and not "other options."
  • Andrew_Malton
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    Seems to me that in the OF the chants of the Simplex have exactly the same degree of "prescribedness" as those of the Romanum. See GIRM #48.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    These aren't highly complex chants... I'm not sure how much more simple they could get.
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    The texts of the Graduale simplex are indeed of the same degree as those of the Graduale Romanum. In the English translation of GIRM #48 it might seem that they are two completely different options, but in the original Latin they are not:
    Adhiberi potest
    sive antiphona cum suo psalmo in Graduali Romano vel in Graduali simplici exstans,
    sive alius cantus, actioni sacrae, diei vel temporis indoli congruus, cuius textus a Conferentia Episcoporum sit approbatus.

    Note the use of sive and vel. Sive is used when, with reference to one and the same subject, a choice is given between several options. Vel implies that it is indifferent which of several things are chosen.

    The texts of the Graduale simplex are legitimate and prescribed texts for the liturgy. The Graduale simplex can be used when a correct rendition of the more complex chants of the Graduale Romanum would prove difficult (Introduction, #1). There is no reason to use one book to the exclusion of the other (Introduction, #3). The Graduale simplex introduces into the liturgy some texts not given in the Roman Missal (#4).

    Another reason (for me!) to prefer the chants of the Simplex over chants of the Parvum or other collections is that the Simplex has authentic gregorian chants, whereas the chants from other publications are modern compositions.

    But in case you really would like to stick to the texts of the Graduale Romanum, you could always sing them to a psalm tone.
  • Thanks for the productive input. I was not aware that the antiphons from the Simplex held the same weight as those from the Graduale Romanum, I'll go ahead and use the Simplex antiphons.

    These aren't highly complex chants... I'm not sure how much more simple they could get.

    Matthewj, I'm working at a small country parish with a new, small, inexperienced volunteer choir who just finished working their tails off to have things from the Graduale Romanum prepared for Easter. I'm simply trying not to overwhelm them. I'm not sure how snark at my desire for simpler antiphons is necessary or helpful.