Organ, Trumpet, and Violin
  • I've been asked to find a postlude for Easter Day making use of organ, trumpet, and violin. I'll do some digging on IMSLP this week, but I thought I'd see if the collective of wisdom of this group might have any suggestions that have worked for you in the past. The instrumentalists are all pro players, so most anything is game.

  • I know of no piece for this instrumentation. You could adapt an English trumpet voluntary by doing parts with organ and violin and other sections by organ and trumpet.

    Some of these voluntaries involve two trumpet voices - your violin could do one of these.

    There are some collections of XVIIIth century ceremonial music with one or two trumpet voices which you could adapt. There are lots of these collections marketed as 'wedding music'. You know, Moret, Charpentier, Handel, et al.

    You could take a hymn tune and have the trumpet play the melody and write an obbligato for the violin - or something similar.

    Maybe someone else will know of such and such a piece by so and so for organ, trumpet, and violin. I'd like to see it!
  • Marc,

    There may be an arrangement for such a set of instruments, but Trumpet and Violin do not usually mix except in orchestral pieces.

    I say that, having arranged Wachet Auf for Flute, Trumpet and Guitar, and having written the Ave Maria Suite for Guitar, Flute and Violin.
  • davido
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    You could easily do a baroque work for trumpet and organ and have the violin double the top voice in the organ. Try the overture to charpentier's the deum
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  • Simple choice. Davido's got the right idea.

    Bach Brandenburg #2 in this arrangment.

    Highlight the measures you choose for the violinist to play. Register organs stops accordingly.