FERIA QUARTA CINERUM - We did this at... -
  • At the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham

    Solemn Pontifical Mass -
    at 6.30pm

    The Introit - Miserere omnium - - - - Mode I (Palmer-Burgess)

    Psalm LI - Miserere mei, Deus - - - - Chant, Walter Ernest Smith

    The Tract - Domine non secundum - - - - Mode II (P-B)

    At the Imposition of Ashes - Miserere mei, Deus - - - - Gregori Allegri

    The Offertory Antiphon - Exaltabo te, Domine - - - - Tone II (Anglican Use Gradual)
    At the Offertory - Anthem: Emendemus in melius - - - - William Byrd

    Sanctus - Mass in A-minor - - - - Claudio Casciolini

    Agnus Dei - Mass in A-minor - - - - Claudio Casciolini

    The Communion Antiphon - Qui meditabitur - - - - Tone I (AUG)
    At the Communion -
    1. The Trisagion - - - - Alexander Andreyevich Archangelsky
    2. Anthem - 'Wash Me Throughly' - - - - Samuel Sebastian Wesley
    3. Hymn - 'Jesus, Lover of My soul' - - - - Aberystwyth

    At the Dismissal - Hymn: 'The Glory of These Forty Days' - - - - Spires


    Of Interest -

    1. For the Allegri, the cathedral choir sang Allegri's faburdens, and the alternate verses were sung by eight or so seminarians from St Mary's Seminary, which is about two miles away from Walsingham. Though most (but not all - we have about four Ordinariate seminarians there) of them are diocesan seminarians, they love to visit Walsingham and are often seated 'in choir' on Sunday mornings - wearing their birettas, which all Ordinariate and visiting clergy do.

    2. The seminarians also sang the Introit and the Tract a la Palmer-Burgess.

    3. For those who may not know, 'in choir' at Walsingham means just that. We have a chancel betwixt sanctuary and nave with choir stalls on facing sides. Integral within them is the cathedra and the rector's stall.
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  • St. Ignatius, Mount Horeb, Wisc. — OF/NO Mass, 7:30 AM

    Musical forces: cantor/organist, simulacrum

    Hymn: The Glory of These Forty Days (Old Hundredth)
    Introit: Your mercy extends (SEP)
    Responsorial Psalm: plainsong, mode I
    Gospel Acclamation: plainsong, mode II
    Offertory: To you will I extend (Farrant)
    Sanctus: XVIII
    Memorial Acclamation: C (ICEL)
    Lord's Prayer: ICEL-USA
    Agnus Dei: XVIII
    Communion: He who meditates (SEP)

    Exposition: O Salutaris Hostia (Duguet)

    St. Mary, Pine Bluff, Wisc. — Sung TL Mass, 6:30 PM

    Musical forces: Volunteer men's schola, six-voice subset of SATB volunteer parish choir

    (All selections in Gregorian chant except where noted)

    Procession: Exaudi nos, Domine
    Imposition of Ashes: Immutemur habitu (Nunes Garcia); Inter vestibulum (Perti); Emendemus in melius
    Introit: Misereris omnium, Domine
    Kyrie: XVI
    Gradual: Miserere mei, Deus… quoniam
    Tract: Domine, non secundum
    Offertory: Exaltabo te, with two verses from the Offertoriale
    Sanctus: XVIII
    Agnus Dei: XVIII
    Communion: Qui meditabitur, with Psalm 1 & Gloria Patri (Isaac setting sung after the Gloria Patri); Anima Christi (Cherion)
    Marian Antiphon after the Last Gospel: Ave Regina Caelorum (Soriano)
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  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    Everything from the GS, plus the proper Marian antiphon.
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  • Sacred Heart Parish
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Sung Mass (OF) 7:45 am
    Students of Sacred Heart Academy
    Mass XVIII
    Propers: English Gradual (R Rice)
    Motet: Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake (Farrant)
    Lord Jesus, think on me (Southwell)
    Again we keep this solemn fast (Erhalt uns Herr)

    Sung Mass (OF) 5:30 pm
    Men of the High Mass Choir
    Mass XVIII
    Propers: English Gradual (R Rice)
    Lord Jesus, think on me (Southwell)
    Again we keep this solemn fast (Erhalt uns Herr)

    Missa Cantata (EF) 7:00 pm
    Schola of the Chair of Saint Peter (parish, men; Proper)
    Twelfth Street Harmony (Hope College, men; Ordinary, motet)
    Ordinary: Mass a tre voci (Lotti)
    Propers and Antiphons: Graduale Romanum
    Motet: Audi benigne Conditor (Dufay)
  • St Michael's Cathedral
    12:10 PM Mass
    5:30 PM Mass
    Senior Choir of St Michael's Choir School
    Teri Dunn, Conductor (12:10)
    Peter Mahon, Conductor (5:30)

    No Entrance Hymn during Lent

    Misereris Omnium (GR)

    From the "New Cathedral Gradual"

    Gospel Acclamation:

    Imposition of ashes:
    Miserere mei, Deus (Allegri)

    Parce Domine (Chant)

    Missa Jubilate Deo

    Communion Antiphon:
    Qui Meditabitur (GR)

    Communion Responsory:
    Lenten Prose (Attende Domine)

    Communion Motet:
    Ave Verum Corpus (Byrd)

    Concluding Hymn:
    Forty Days and Forty Nights
  • Spriggo
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    Entrance: Again We Keep This Solemn Fast
    Psalm: Guimont
    Gospel Acclamation: Mass of Light
    Imposition of Ashes: Antiphons and Responsory/Fr. Weber's Propers
    Offertory: Fr. Weber's Propers
    Ordinary: ICEL
    Communion: Parce Domine
    Closing: The Glory of These Forty Days
  • kevinfkevinf
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    St. Luke Church
    Palm Springs,FL

    Latin Novus Ordo
    Propers from the Graduale, including the antiphons for the distribution of Ashes
    Ordinary Mass XVIII
    Pater noster in Latin

    English Novus Ordo
    Propers from Lumen Christi Gradual
    Ordinary Missa Jubilate Deo in Latin
    Pater noster in Latin

    Organ will remain silent until Laetare.
  • St. Mary, Help of Christians
    Sleepy Eye, MN

    Introit - SMC Englished
    Procession - Lord, Who Throughout
    Psalm/GA - Alstott
    Dist. Ashes - Attende, Domine
    Parce Domine
    Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies' Sake (Farrant)
    The Jesus Prayer (J Michael Thompson)
    Offertory - Led by the Spirit
    Sanctus - XVIII
    Acc. - ICEL
    Amen - Danish
    Agnus Dei - XVIII
    Communion Antiphon- SMC Englished
    Procession - Hymn for the Year of Mercy (Perry)
    Forty Days and Forty Nights
    Recessional - Again We Keep this Solemn Fast
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    St. David of Wales Church, Richmond Ca
    6:30 PM Mass

    Missa Orbis factor

    Parish Book of Psalms (what a curse to have no page numbers!)

    Morales: Inter vestibulum et altare

    Juxta vestibulum & Emendemus (Burgess & Palmer)

    Exaltabo te & Qui meditabitur (American Gradual)

    "Draw near [sigh] and take" ANIMA CHRISTI [sigh again]
  • ref_scottref_scott
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    The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, Vancouver, WA

    Gregorian Chant Proper
    Plainsong, Mass XVII
    Imposition of Ashes: Ne irascaris Domine, Byrd
    Parce mihi, Morales
    Offertory: Exaltabo the, Domine, Croce
    Communion: Miserere mei, Deus, Allegri
    Prayers after Mass followed by Ave Regina Caelorum, Plainsong
  • rich_enough
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    The Cathedral Parish, Bridgeport, CT (at St. Patrick's Church)

    Hymn at the Procession - Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (ST FLAVIAN)
    Introit - Misereris
    Kyrie - Mass XVI
    Psalm 51 - Be Merciful, O Lord, For We Have Sinned (Sam Schmitt) (cantor only)
    Gospel Acclamation - Lux Tibi Christe, Rex Aeternae Gloriae (Parish Book of Chant [2nd ed], #7)
    At the Imposition of Ashes:
    Antiphon - Immutemur
    Parce Domine - chant with verses in English from Psalm 51
    Offertory chant - Exaltabo te
    Motet at the Offertory - Adoramus Te, Christe (Theodore Dubois)
    Sanctus - Mass XVIII
    Memorial Acclamation - in Latin
    Agnus Dei - Mass XVIII
    Communion chant - Qui meditabitur
    At the Communion - Attende Domine (chant)
    Recessional - Ave Regina Caelorum (chant)
  • KyleM18
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    Mater Dei Catholic High School

    Entrance Antiphon: RM2010 text, sung to Russian Orthodox TONE 1
    Entrance Hymn: Led by the Spirit (KINGSFOLD)
    Responsorial Psalm: Guimont, as found in Gather III
    Gospel Acclamation: R&A

    Distribution of Ashes:
    Dust and Ashes (David Haas);
    Attende Domine (As found in the New English Hymnal,);
    Come back to the Lord (Leo Nestor, but changed verses to text from the Dies Irae)

    Offertory Hymn: In Every Age (Whitaker)
    Eucharistic Acclamations: Mass of Creation
    Communion Antiphon: RM2010 Text, sung to Tone 5 (Sarum)
    Communion Hymn: Called to the Supper of the Lamb (Alonso)
    Meditation Hymn: Hosea (Benedictine Foundation of Vermont)
    Recessional Hymn: Jesus, Remember Me.

    Not all these songs were on the original list. The original list had the following changes:
    1) Led by the Spirit was at the Recessional, Attende Domine was at the Entrance.
    2) The Gospel Acclamation was originally one from CCWATERSHED (Praise to you, O Christ, King of Eternal Glory)
    3) Called to the Supper of the Lamb was originally Now, My Tongue, the Mystery Telling, but was changed because they wanted a more contemporary version.
    4) Jesus, Remember Me was originally at meditation, followed by the "Ave Regina Caelorum".
    5) In Every Age was originally Parce Domine (in Latin!)
    6) The Mass setting was originally ORBIS FACTOR, but was changed to the one we have used all year.
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn