Morning Prayer help? (long)
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    Some of these may be dumb question with very obvious answers.
    My parish says Morning prayer of Good Friday and Holy Saturday.
    This year they would like to sing it, and have opted to do so to Fr Weber's simple tones (used in the Mundelein Psalter.)
    I have persuaded them to sing the Office Hymns, and chant the Benedictus, (in the past they opened with a Top 40, and had a kind of happy-clappy setting of the Canticle of Zechariah.)
    With the knowledge that if you do most of the work you get to make most of the decisions, I, a hunt and peck typist, find myself in it up to my neck....
    Even if I had them already formatted, I would have to go through everything and point the texts.
    They would like the programs to be usable for several years.

    1. I know I can copy and paste the NAB psalms from the USCCB site into a Word document, but what Psalter should we be using, and can I copy and paste it from anywhere on line? (I'd probably use Douay if it were up to me ;oP)

    2. They have always done a closing hymn, that's not appropriate, is it?

    3. There are several public domain translations of En Acetum, and we will do that to the Pange Lingua melody, but does anyone know of a public domain translation of Tibi Redemptor for Saturday? (we will probably do that to the melody of Conditor..., that is the only LM chant tune most of the parish knows.)

    4. Anyone know the code for the little "dagger" mark in Microsoft works?

    5. Is there a metric version of the Benedictus to a familiar meter, that isn't too, too wretched?

    6. Is there a website on line where all this is already laid out, for the terminally lazy, such as myself? (Universalis I believe only has it a week ahead of time, and I need to get it to the printer before then.)

    Any help or advice or warnings greatly appreciated.

    Some of this is non-negotiable, there will be no Latin, and I've already reset the tunes and tones to modern notation to forestall any traditophobics.

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    "4. Anyone know the code for the little "dagger" mark in Microsoft works?"

    A question I can answer!
    † = alt 0134
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    Use this link for the Psalms -
    it is 99% identical to the Mudelien Psalter, so all you have to do is apply the formatting (italics) to the correct syllable and remove the verse numbers. I use this site for weekly vespers.
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    No closing hymn.

    Didn't Carl Daw write a decent versed Benedictus?

    Thanks, Darth!
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    Fantastic, Darth, thanks!
    (Is that the Grail Psalter that's about to become the approved on for liturgy?)
    I'll look into the Daw, Kathy, any idea on in what hymnal I might find it?
    And thank you, Richard, for the code.
    You are the best.

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  • Carl Daw contributed extensively to The Hymnal 1982 (Episcopal Church); but the metrical Benedictus Dominus found therein (#444) is not his work. It was written by Michael A. Perry. The tune by Basil Harwood to which it has been set in H82 does not strike me as suitable for the Triduum. King's Lynn is suggested as an alternative tune. I think it would be more appropriate.

    Still, I would prefer the non-metrical version. If you notate it fully, the people ought to be able to sing it. Don't ask them to sing from pointing, however.
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    Thank you Bruce.

    Can anyone answer, on the Palm Sunday thread, someone said that the Gloria Patri is not said during Holy Week -- but it is, in Liturgy of the Hours, no?

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    G, the Athanasius Psalter in the link above seems to be the 1963 Grail Psalter, with random things slightly different. One Psalm I did for Vespers within the last few weeks said "young bullocks" but in the Mundelein Psalter the same phrase was "holocausts.' i'm not sure why there is a difference.

    I think the one that is newly approved for use is the "New Grail" . . . it isn't published yet I don't think.
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    You can find printable booklets at It has some days available for free, but if you value your time above money then you can pay for a year subscription that allows you to print and use booklets for any day you like. All files are PDF, so you could print them and point by hand to correspond to the Mundelein tones.