Research/Resource Careers for Sacred Musicians
  • Having worked as a music director for two separate parishes, it is clear to me that, while I have a strong passion for sacred music, direction and accompaniment are not my strengths. Rather, research and analysis are my strengths, and gaining knowledge to assist and share with other directors (in addition to composition) seems to be where I could be of most benefit.

    What kind of positions are there that would utilize these kinds of strengths? How might I go about searching for something like that, or proposing such a position? Any help would be most appreciated.


    Edit: I assume you may need more info, but I figured I'd wait to give my whole backstory until asked to do so.
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    Maybe working for a publisher.
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    Not Catholic, but presently open:
    Executive Director
    Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, 810 Freeman Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383
    Phone: 800-624-2526
    HLP-8467 Posted 11/17/16

    The executive director serves as the chief executive officer for the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, a membership-based organization whose mission is to nurture and equip musicians to serve and lead the church’s song. The executive director reports to the board of directors and is responsible for the consistent fulfillment of ALCM’s mission and achievement of all financial objectives. The executive director will develop and drive the organizational strategy, financial and operational management, development of staff, program planning and assessment, and represent ALCM throughout the Lutheran community nationally. Complete job description The position does not require relocation to Valparaiso.
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  • Paid chorister?
    Some rarified (mostly Episcopalian) churches have librarians, music secretaries, and such on their music staffs.
  • Thank you, all!.

    matthewj, I am not sure if I'd be able to separate my own sacred music predilections for the Lutheran job. How do others do it?
  • I wouldn't mind hearing your backstory!
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    If the Lutheran job description meets your qualifications and passions but doesn't meet your musical desires for your liturgical life, you could live somewhere where you could attend beautiful Masses all the time while performing the duties necessary for it.

  • Wow, I had to check to make sure I wasn't the creator of this post. It is difficult when the passion is there but the talent just doesn't match up.

    It would be awesome to be some type of 'liturgical consultant'...
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    I know of at least one person who is a diocesan Liturgy Director, otherwise there are archivists who might be employed by religious orders or organizations. These are possibly what I'd like to do after getting my Masters and maybe Doctorate in Liturgy/Liturgical Theology. Usually one would teach, but I'm not sure I find that remotely appealing anymore, at least at the amount required by most teaching heavy, research low colleges.