The Solemnity of Christ the King at.......
  • The Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham

    Solemn Pontifical Mass
    Blessing of the Rood Screen
    Procession to the Shrine of OLW

    The Most Rev. Stephen J. Lopes, Bishop - Celebrant and Homilist
    The Very Rev. Charles Hough IV, Rector - in Choir
    The Rev. Mr. James Barnett - Deacon
    Timothy Caruthers, Instituted Acolyte - Sub-Deacon
    A Visiting Priest from the Australian Ordinariate - in Choir
    Dr. Sir Clint Brand - Verger
    Edmund Murray - Organist and Choirmaster

    The Cathedral Choir, The Cathedral Schola Cantorum, the Treble Choir

    (All three readings sung.)


    Organ Voluntary - on the Carolingian Acclamations - - - Improvisation

    At the Procession - Hymn: 'To Jesus Christ Our Sov'reign King' - - - Christus Rex
    The Introit - Dignus est Agnus - - - Mode III (Palmer-Burgess)

    Kyrie - Mass of St. Mary Magdalene - - - H. Willan
    Gloria - Mass of St. Mary Magdalene - - - H. Willan

    Psalm CXXII - Laetatus sum - - - Chant, James Turle

    Alleluya and Verse - Postestas eius - - - Mode VI, with polyphonic verse: M.J. Osborn

    The Nicene Creed - - - - Recto tono, with organ embellishments

    At the Blessing of the Rood Screen -
    Antiphon: Habentes fratres (Hebrews 10.19) - - - Tone VIII

    At the Offertory - Anthem: 'Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates - - - William Mathias

    Sanctus and Benedictus - Mass of St. Mary Magdalene - - - H. Willan

    Agnus Dei - Mass of St. Mary Magdalene - - - H. Willan

    At the Communion -
    The Antiphon: Sedebit Dominus - - - Mode VI (Palmer-Burgess)
    Anthem: 'How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place' - - - Kenneth Kosche
    Hymn 197: 'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence' - - - Picardy

    For Placing of the Blessed Sacrament Into the Monstrance -
    Hymn 200: 'Therefore we, before him bending' - - - Spanish Plainsong, Mode V

    Procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Outdoor Shrine -
    The Carolingian Acclamations

    At Benediction -
    Hymn 209: 'O Saving Victim, Op'ning Wide' - - - Plainsong, Mode VI

    Hymn - 'Holy God, We Praise Thy Name' - - - Grosser Gott

    Bird Voluntary - on Te Deum? - - - Chirping and Singing Birds at the Outdoor Shrine
  • St Michael's Cathedral
    Senior Choirs
    Saturday 5pm and Sunday 12 noon

    Entrance hymn
    Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! CBW 426, Hyfrydol

    from Missa O Quam Gloriosum, T. L. De Victoria

    Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.

    O clap your hands, Orlando Gibbons

    Eucharistic Acclamations
    Mass of the Good Shepherd (Revised), Stephen Somerville

    Angus Dei
    from Missa O Quam Gloriosum, T. L. De Victoria

    Sedebit Dominus, chant
    This is the feast of victory, Festival Canticle
    Let all mortal flesh keep silence, E. Bairstow

    Concluding Hymn
    To Jesus Christ, our Sovereign King CBW 438, Ich Glaub An Gott

    St Michael's Cathedral
    Junior Choir
    10 AM Mass

    Hymns and acclamations are the same

    Mass of the Good Shepherd (Revised), Stephen Somerville

    Christ is the world's true light, Walter K. Stanton

    Let all mortal flesh keep silence, Picardy, arr. Stephen Cleobury

    At Non-Choral Masses
    Offertory Hymn: Crown Him with Many Crowns
  • St Joseph's Parish, Streetsville

    11 AM Mass, 11 O'Clock Choir

    Entrance Hymn
    To Jesus Christ, our Sovereign King CBW 438, Ich Glaub an Gott

    from Mass of the Resurrection, DeBruyn

    I rejoiced when I heard them say, Let us go to the house of the Lord! CBW 213

    Offertory Hymn
    The Lord's My Shepherd, Rules my Life CBW 489, Crimond

    Eucharistic Acclamations
    from Mass of the Resurrection, DeBruyn

    King of all Ages Throned on High, Paul Isom
    Let all mortal flesh keep silence CBW 596

    Concluding Hymn
    Crown Him with Many Crowns CBW 437
  • CharlesW
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    Holy Ghost Catholic Church
    Knoxville, TN

    Entrance: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King
    Ordinary: ICEL Roman Missal Chants
    Psalm: Let Us Go Rejoicing to the House of the Lord - Eugene Englert
    Offertory Anthem: Thanks be to Thee, O Lord - Handel/Saar
    Communion Chant: R. Rice
    Communion: Crown Him with Many Crowns
    Recessional: Rejoice, the Lord Is King
    Postlude: Fond D'Orgue - Marchand

    And a good time was had by all!
  • Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls SD

    Pre: O Lamm Gottes Unschuldig (Leipzig)
    Introit: Worthy is the Lamb (Handel) - IMO this is a great option for the CTK introit, but I've never seen anyone else do this...we do a short cadential amen, rather than the Amen fugue, and it covers the procession + incensation nicely.
    Ordinary: Ostermann (Gloria), Proulx (Sanctus) ICEL (memorial acc), Isele (Agnus Dei)
    Offertory: The King of Love my Shepherd is (Bairstow)
    Communion: The Lord sits as King for ever - Congregational antiphon (Ostermann), Beautiful Savior (arr. Christenson)
    Post-Communion, Closing of the Holy Door (moved back a week): Magnificat, Mode VIII
    Recessional: Christus Vincit (Noyon/Hancock)
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    S=Traditional; E=Contemporary. Note-year date on ordo incorrect.image
    630 x 583 - 90K
  • St. Mel's Parish, Cleveland

    Opening- Crown Him With Many Crowns
    Gloria- Heritage Mass
    Psalm- Alstott
    Gospel Acclamation- Festival Alleluia (Chepponis)
    Offertory- Christus Vincit (French) and All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (Choir)
    Mass- St. Paul the Apostle
    Communion- To Jesus Christ our Sovereign King
    Recessional- Christus Vincit and Judas Maccabeus (Instrumental)
  • Liam
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    CTK is the occasion for one of the two modern (mid-20th century, both still under copyright) "traditional" hymns that remain in active repertoire for most American Catholics, "To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King" (the other being "O God Almighty Father").
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Beautiful Savior (arr. Christenson)

    Is that a different arr. than from "Christiansen?"
  • KyleM18
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    @Liam Eh, at least they are still (mostly) theologically correct. Plus, to Jesus Christ our sovereign king was written by a catholic monsignor.
  • Cathedral of St. Augustine, Bridgeport, CT - 9:30 am mass closing the Holy Door

    Processional Hymn - To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (ICH GLAUB AN GOTT)
    Introit - Dignus est Agnus, mode iii
    Kyrie - from the Missa de Angelis
    Gloria - from the Congregational Mass (John Lee)
    Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 122: Let Us Go Rejoicing (Chabanel Psalms, Sam Schmitt, cantor on verses)
    Alleluia - in honor of Father Simon Le Moyne (Jeffrey Ostrowski)
    Offertory chant - Postula a me, mode iv
    Motet at the Offertory - Jesu Rex Admirabilis - G. P. da Palestrina (c. 1525-94)
    Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Lamb of God - ICEL chant
    Communion chant - Sedebit, mode v
    Motet at Communion - O Jesu, mi dulcissime - Felice Anerio (1560-1614)
    At the closing of the Holy Door: Magnificat - setting by Richard Rice
  • St. Mary's Parish, Tampa, FL

    Kyrie, Gloria, Alleluia, Sanctus, Mysterium, Amen, Agnus all from Mass of Wisdom (Janco)

    Entrance: "Jesus Shall Reign"
    Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 122 (Batastini/Guimont)
    Credo: Jubilation Mass (Chepponis - #341 in Worship IV)
    Offertory: "Our Lord Reigns" (Pethel) at choir Mass, "The King of Love My Shepherd Is" at others
    Communion: "This Is the Feast of Victory"
    Recessional: "To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King"
  • The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, Vancouver, WA
    11:00am Prinicipal Mass with the Collegium Musicum and Orchestra

    Prelude: Church Sonata in C Major, K. 278, W.A. Mozart (0:00 – 4:12)
    Introit: Worthy is the Lamb, Messiah No. 53, G.F. Handel (4:53 – 8:25)
    Sprinkling Rite: Asperges me, Plainsong, Mode VII (9:54 - 12:07)
    Gloria: Coronation Mass, K. 317, W.A. Mozart (12:30 – 17:16)

    Psalm: Let us go rejoicing, Ps. 122 (19:56 – 22:06)
    Alleluia: Posestas eius, Plainsong. Mode I (24:07 – 27:12)
    Gospel Fanfare: Processional on Te Deum (29:39 – 30:30)
    Offertory: Zadok the Priest, Coronation Anthem No. 1, G.F. Handel (47:31 – 53:16)
    Sanctus: Coronation Mass, K. 317, W.A. Mozart (55:45 – 57:42)

    Agnus Dei: Missa de Angelis, Plainsong
    Communio: Sedebit Dominus, Plainsong, Mode I (1:12:30 - 1:14:20)
    Communion Motet: Salvum fac popolum, Anton Bruckner (1:14:33 – 1:17:56)
    Communion Motet: Exultate justi, Ludovico da Viadana (1:23:23 – 1:25:32)
    Recesional Hymn: Hail Redeemer, King Divine! RIGBY (1:30:35 – 1:33:14)
    Postlude: Rigaudon, Andre Campra (1:33:20 – 1:35:51)
  • kevinfkevinf
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    St. Luke Church Palm Springs FL.

    11:00 a.m.
    Propers all from Lumen Christi Gradual
    Hymn: Hail Redeemer king Divine
    Ordinary: Missa de Angelis
    The Solemn Te Deum chanted for the first time at St. Luke
    Postlude ;Improvisation on the Te Deum C. Tournemire
    Thanked by 1Casavant Organist
  • SarahJ
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    St. Stephen Catholic Church
    Portland, OR

    Prelude: Langlais, Pater Noster (not the whole piece)
    Mass setting: Orbis Factor
    All antiphons from Simple English Propers
    Responsorial Psalm and Alleuia setting from Lumen Christi Missal
    Offertory hymn: At the Name of Jesus
    Communion hymn: Alleluia Sing to Jesus
    Benediction: O Salutaris, Tantum Ergo, Crown Him With Many Crowns
    Postlude: Boellman, 1st two movements of Suite Gothique

  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Cathedral of SS Simon and Jude, Phoenix AZ

    Propers: Gradual or LCM depending on Mass
    Ordinary: Mass VIII
    Motets: O Sacrum Convivium (Bartolucci), Ave Verum (Mawby)
    Organ: Trumpette Prelude (Kimball), Improvisation on ICH GLAUB AN GOTT
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Saint David Of Wales, Richmond CA ...

    (5,8,11) CathComHymnal 679
    (930) MisalDelDia p 250
    Cantique (Opus 3 No 1) (1912): Elgar
    (5,11) 425: Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones
    (8,930) Proper
    (5,8,11) spoken
    (930) Missa VIII (de angelis): chant
    (5,8,11) St Ralph Sherwin Mass: Ostrowski
    (930) Missa VIII (de angelis): chant
    (5,8,930) Proper
    (11) Messiah # 53 Worthy Is The Lamb .. Amen: G F Handel
    (5,8,11) St Ralph Sherwin Mass: Ostrowski
    (930) Missa VIII (de angelis): chant
    Roman Missal
    Agnus Dei:
    (5,8,11) St Ralph Sherwin Mass: Ostrowski
    (930) Missa VIII (de angelis): chant
    (5,8,11) Proper & 353: What Wondrous Love Is This
    (930) Proper & (FCe2 552) Oh Puertas
    Final Hymn:
    (5,8,11) 287: To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
    (930) none
    Imperial March (Opus 32) (1897): Elgar

    ===,_Op.3_(Elgar,_Edward) (TAB Transcriptions Elgar),_Op.32_(Elgar,_Edward) (TAB Transcriptions Martin)