Beatitude Settings
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    When the Propers are related to the Beatitudes, I tend to default to Haas' "Blest Are They" because the parish knows it well. I would like to go with something a bit more formal and a bit less contemporary for All Saints this year. Anyone know of better hymns or accessible 2-part polyphony for the Beatitudes? I haven't done too much research, so I'm sure there is something in the collections I have.
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    Worship III has a neat Eastern-Rite style setting. It's chant, so it respects the rhythm of the words. It's a nice challenge for the choir to all move together.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'll take a look.
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    (This belongs under guilty pleasures)
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    "Blest are the Pure in Heart"

    First time I heard it was at an EF Mass!
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    I'd love someday to do the Arvo Pärt setting, but I'm not holding my breath for any time in the next five years or so, unless something totally unexpected happens to me.
  • The Worship IV hymnal has a metrical version of the Beatitudes at #742, "O Blest Are You." The text is by Mary Louise Bringle, in Common Meter, and is set to the tune ST. COLUMBA.

    The version that Kathy referred to above is also in Worship IV at #738. It is an adaptation from the Russian Orthodox Liturgy by Richard Proulx.
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    Thanks! I'm also going to take a look at the Antiphon in the Simple Choral Gradual as well, since my choir very much likes to chant the verses in Alstott's Respond & Acclaim.
  • I immediately equate Beatitudes to "We Are the Light of the World" but it's probably not more formal like you are looking for.
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    Oh, I used to sing that all the time in children's choir! I forgot that even existed, hahaha. Ah, memories.
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    Worship III has a neat Eastern-Rite style setting.

    It's at No. 620 in Worship III. A more satisfying version is in The Hymnal 1982 at No. 560, with the Antiphon. Both adaptations are by Proulx, but the chant is a classical Russian Orthodox chant.
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    While in the Holy Land, at the Church of the Beatitudes I found a copy of a chant setting of the whole eight Beatitudes, which I have recently transcribed as follows - does anyone know its source? is it Franciscan?
  • Once in a great, very very great while a years-old thread is dug up and brought back from the dead with genuinely worthwhile developments and offerings. This is one of those very rare ones. Many thanks for this. It will find much use.
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    You might check sources noted at ##187 & 188 here:
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    Unfortunately, Liam, neither of these match in text nor music. Still, I'm very glad to have been gifted a link to the responsory (#188) - thanks!
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    Bumping . . . Beatitudes coming up in a week and a half (4 OT-A)
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    I'll see your bump and raise you a CPDL link. As mentioned above, H82 560 and Paart can be useful, and if you're going to learn Slavonic, a running start would be Victor Kalinnikov's Во Царствии Твоем
    for year C's Christ the King.
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  • The Byzantine Catholics sing these.

    See for example HERE.

    Or an harmonization of the same HERE, from a "work in progress".

    (Great amounts of Byzantine resources are available HERE.)
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